Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Which foods are the easiest to eat?

Most days, I have one of a few things for breakfast, I think about lunch a little ahead of time and I know in the morning what I'm going to make for supper. Snacks on the other hand, are something I go for when I'm hungry and usually grab the first thing that seems convenient. Since I've been more focused on what I'm eating, it's been better overall, but if there's a time I'm likely to go off track, it will almost always be at snack time.

So, how to fix that?

Well for me, part of the fix is a great big bowl of fruit on my countertop.

Previously, the easiest thing to grab was in the cupboard. Something processed, refined and probably not that healthy. Now, the easiest thing is a little orange. For a bit more work (cutting it up), I can have a tasty mango. Not only that, but when I get hit with a hungry moment, this fruit is the first things my eyes fall on. There are days I eat a couple extra oranges, but I don't worry much about that. There aren't a lot of people in this world that got fat by eating oranges.

So, what do you do to make it easier to choose the healthier options?


  1. Chopping up veggies and fruit ahead of time works for me. You're right, grabbing something quick is the easiest, but when it's ready for you, you're more likely to choose the healthy option like your fruit.

    Hey, I just wanted to comment on what you said on my blog about dressing like a slob. Deb, you deserve to be good to yourself and to look nice. Even a couple of good fitting t-shirts from target to wear with the jeans that fit would be nice. I hope you'll reconsider. If you do buy yourself something new, take a picture so you can see how great you look-and

  2. I love to grab an orange and pre cut fruit and veggies saves ya!!!!

  3. I keep healthy options available. I like the crunch of raw carrots so I eat them a lot. Even if I feel like eating an ounce of chips, I eat carrots or cucumber with it because I feel satisfied much longer that way.
    And I measure everything. I'd rather spend a few extra seconds measuring my food than hours or days wishing I had done it. :)