Monday, December 3, 2012

I really should...

Screw new years resolutions, I've decided to make one right now.  I'm going to start following through on the "I should"s in my life.

Let's see, what are some of the things I should do, but often don't.

- Do core
- Do strength
- Stretch
- Eat well
- Go to sleep at a decent time
- Run outside
- Foam roll

I'm sure I'll think of more.

Core, strength, stretching.  I have gotten a little bit of a hop on this since signing up with my coach.  She's included core, strength and stretching as part of my program.  I didn't need a coach to know that I should do these things, but apparently I needed one to convince me to actually follow through on it.

Eat well.  That's been a continuing thing for me.  I actually don't think I eat badly, just that I could eat better.  I keep my house pretty clear of trigger foods, but my weaknesses tend to be in choosing snacks that are more like a meal, and lately my portion sizes have grown.  Since I started working, my pantry and fridge haven't been as well stocked with produce.  Getting organized is the key for that.  For me, eating the right foods is the key to avoiding the poor choices.

Sleep.  My husband likes to nag me about this one, but he's right.  I believe I am a person that has higher sleep needs then average, and I frequently don't get what I need.  Sometimes, that is quite legitimately out of my control, which makes it even more important to get that sleep when it is in my control.

Run outside.  I have an admission to make: It has literally been weeks since I've ran outside.  I've been doing plenty of running; it's just been that my treadmill and the track have gotten plenty of use.  On one hand, I think it's great that I've gotten over the mental barrier I once had to running more then 5k inside, because sometimes I don't have a choice.  But, when I do have a choice, I need to start bundling up and going back on the pathways to run along my river.

Foam roll.  This is just one of those maintenance things.  One of my calves tends to tighten up on me, and I know that regular rolling keeps that tightness at bay.  It also really helps with practically every other muscle.  I just need to take the time to do it.

So, this seems like a really long list, and normally, I don't advocate trying to focus on everything at once.  What my goal is though, is simply to listen to that little voice that says "I really should..."  All of the things on the list are things that I do already, just not as much as I should.  (Okay, I haven't been running outside, but since I've been running, it isn't that big a leap.  And I still reserve the right to do some of my runs inside.)

So, why December?  Arguably the busiest and craziest month of the year?  Mainly because there I know there are going to be times where I make other choices.  There will be social engagements that keep me up late, the occasional glass of wine, and time spent with family that may take time away from other things.  And all of that, is okay.  In fact, it's just how it should be.

What it does mean though, is when I can, and should, it's even more important to follow through on the "should"s.  Last year, I gained over a dozen pounds in the month and a half around the holidays.  This year, I'm not taking any backwards steps.

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