Saturday, May 29, 2010

My new toy

So, during my first run, I found myself lacking any way to time my running/walking intervals. The obvious solution to this problem would be to wear a watch, preferably with some type of stop watch on it.

The more fun solution would be to listen to music. Then I could make use of one of the podcasts that I can find on the C25K website. The music changes whenever you're supposed to switch between walking and running and there's either a verbal cue or noise to let you know.

But, I'd need something to listen to it on and, quite frankly, the last portable music player I've owned was a walkman.

I don't think most podcasts are convertible to cassette tape format, so I needed something new. I asked my (much more tech savvy then me) husband what I should get and he not only had a suggestion, but went and picked it up for me.

A little ipod shuffle.

Did I say little? Perhaps I should have said tiny. Seriously, something that size can play music? Can actually store hundreds of songs? And look at it, it's so cute. (I picked the colour; my husband would have got a boring black if left to his own devices.)

Using it on my second run, I could barely feel it. What I felt more was the cord for the headphones. I just found that the ipod was better clipped to my pants, since the cord bounced against me more when I initially had it clipped to the collar of my shirt. I think the next step in tiny music players will be wireless headphones, since there's little need for the ipod itself to get smaller now.

For the record, my second run went well. I'll admit it didn't feel as effortless as my first. That's probably pretty normal. Sometimes you feel like you have lots of energy; sometimes you have less. I was quite capable of completing the workout and running during the running segments. I just felt like my body wasn't as responsive and I had to mentally convince myself to continue running.

My first two runs were on the track, but I'm pretty convinced now that I like my new shoes. I'm hoping to get outside for my next run tomorrow. We'll see though. As I'm writing this, I'm looking out my window and watching the snow fall. The joys of springtime in Canada!


  1. wow, snow, thats crazy

    have a great weekend!

  2. That is a tiny gadget. I would be afraid of losing it! It was a good idea, and I'm glad your husband knew what you needed.

    That picture could have been taken in a neighboring subdivision to mine, except for the snow.

    Go, Deb, go! Keep up the running!