Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blog revival on my 4 year runniversary

Hello out there!

I think my blog has had one of it's biggest quiet periods ever.  For good reason.  My family has been in the midst of a major change.  A move between provinces.  From town to country.  To an acreage in paradise.  I've been busy.

And a bit at a time, I've explored my new surroundings on my wheels and in my running shoes.

A ride on a sunny day
My first run in my new home.  Before everything turned green, but beautiful regardless
Everybody's definition of paradise is a bit different.  Mine includes mountains, and a climate conducive to gardening.  Places to ride and run and swim.  I have all of those now.

Since arriving, I've planted part of my huge garden, and watched my fruit trees blossom.  I've joined a local triathlon group.  It's largely a beginner group, and there's so much excitement in seeing soon-to-be new triathletes work towards their first race.  At the same time, there's also some seasoned triathletes in the group who have already given me excellent feedback on training routes and I am hopeful may become new training partners.

I have done two races.  A 10K race where I came DFL (dead f-ing last).  More on that in a future post, but let me just say that there is honour in being the last person across a finish line.  Yesterday, I did an 18km race through wineries.

Today marks the 4 year mark from the first day I went for a run.  Four years since I stopped saying "I can't".  For the last 4 years, I've been confronting my fears and inhibitions.  The journey has been amazing and it's far from over.

I didn't feel like blogging till now.  I just felt like living and experiencing.  Now, I am ready to add reflecting and writing to my list.  So, I think I can safely say that DebTris is getting a revival.