Sunday, May 25, 2014

Blog revival on my 4 year runniversary

Hello out there!

I think my blog has had one of it's biggest quiet periods ever.  For good reason.  My family has been in the midst of a major change.  A move between provinces.  From town to country.  To an acreage in paradise.  I've been busy.

And a bit at a time, I've explored my new surroundings on my wheels and in my running shoes.

A ride on a sunny day
My first run in my new home.  Before everything turned green, but beautiful regardless
Everybody's definition of paradise is a bit different.  Mine includes mountains, and a climate conducive to gardening.  Places to ride and run and swim.  I have all of those now.

Since arriving, I've planted part of my huge garden, and watched my fruit trees blossom.  I've joined a local triathlon group.  It's largely a beginner group, and there's so much excitement in seeing soon-to-be new triathletes work towards their first race.  At the same time, there's also some seasoned triathletes in the group who have already given me excellent feedback on training routes and I am hopeful may become new training partners.

I have done two races.  A 10K race where I came DFL (dead f-ing last).  More on that in a future post, but let me just say that there is honour in being the last person across a finish line.  Yesterday, I did an 18km race through wineries.

Today marks the 4 year mark from the first day I went for a run.  Four years since I stopped saying "I can't".  For the last 4 years, I've been confronting my fears and inhibitions.  The journey has been amazing and it's far from over.

I didn't feel like blogging till now.  I just felt like living and experiencing.  Now, I am ready to add reflecting and writing to my list.  So, I think I can safely say that DebTris is getting a revival.


  1. Yay! Glad to see you blogging again, but even gladder that you've been busy doing things that make you happy. So important. Looking forward to reading again! You might have been last in a race, but you'll never be last in life if you keep on like you'e been doing.

  2. Looks like a pretty place to live. You'll be able to take nice pics to share in your blog.

  3. Catching up on some posts after a pretty long blogging hiatus myself. I hope you are just so busy training for IMAZ that you can't take the time to write. Hope all is well in your new home. So many people have been through so many changes I'm realizing as I try to jump back in.