Thursday, February 4, 2010

Four weeks, Ten pounds, keeping focused

Tonight I went to my fifth weigh in. Once again, I lost over 2 pounds. 2.4 to be exact, giving me a total weight loss of 10.2 pounds.

In some ways, this has been the easy part. The beginning of a weight loss program is when you're likely to see the pounds come off the fastest, so it keeps you motivated. You're pumped up and excited to be doing something good for yourself. You're enjoying new foods and making discoveries about healthy foods that you actually really enjoy.

So, how do you keep focused when it's not new anymore?

I think the biggest thing you have to remember is why you are doing this and what you really want. If I lose 10 pounds now, and gain it back, in a year, none of this will have mattered. But, if I take that 10 pounds and make it 20, 40 or 60, I can change my life.

Seven years ago was the last time I hit my goal weight. That summer, I went on a 80 km hike carrying a starting weight of about 55 pounds - ironically the amount I had lost to reach my goal at that time. I was fit and happy. I climbed over trees, forded streams, and hiked up mountains.

THAT is what I want back. I want that feeling of being able to accomplish whatever I put my mind to. I want the ability to do the things I love without being limited by my body.

So, today, my weight is down 10 pounds. Next month, it will be down more. Because reminding myself of where I am going and what I will do is what is keeping me on track.

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