Thursday, July 14, 2011

Three things Thursday

1. We've had great weather this week.

No seriously, we have. Yeah, there's been rain. There's been thunderstorms, but if you choose your time of day, there is almost always a time where it's beautiful out there. Yesterday, I totally lucked out. I ran early morning and finished my run just as the rain started. (Not that I mind a bit of rain while running.) It rained through the day, but was beautiful again by mid afternoon.

2. I'm getting back into a good routine and it's working for me.

I'm back to the early morning runs, and I think it's a critical part of my routine. I simply can not seem to get all 9 workouts in a week unless I'm doing some of it early morning. I usually need wind down time after my evening swims so I find what works best is to run and swim in the same day then bike on alternate days. That way, I'm not trying to get up early the day after I swim.

3. The chariot has been making it out, onto the trails, and into the parks.

I actually think I should start designating weeks as car free weeks. I mean, if I'm staying in town, I can seriously ride my bike anywhere in about 10 minutes. Yeah, we're a two car family, and for the time being, we'll be staying that way. Having said that, it doesn't mean that the car needs to leave the garage nearly as often. The kids are happier in the chariot; I get some extra biking in; it's better for the environment and my family's wallet.
This picture is actually from early this spring, rather then recently. It's a lot greener out there now.


  1. I haven't driven in.... almost 2 weeks! I bike and walk whenever possible since I live so close to everything and work is less than a 10min walk. We live in a country of such enormous convenience... if people would try to just make one day in a week as a no-car day, just imagine what that could lead to

  2. Great job on the workouts!

    It would be nice to do ride your bike everywhere. I really should be commuting to work but it's so difficult to pack all the clothes and lunch and snacks...and I'm a little lazy about that part of it...not the riding part.

  3. See my blog for the latest in blogger awards that I've passed your way! :)