Thursday, July 21, 2011

Three Things Thursday

1. I'm still on a post race high

I love racing. I think in an ideal world, I'd do one race a month, every month. It gets me motivated and makes me feel good about myself.

2. I've read "Racing Weight" and am starting to implement it.

That book has made quite an impact in the world of endurance sports, and I can see why. I am starting to recognize that my weight is my one of my biggest limiters. I placed 51/90 in my triathlon on Sunday despite my swim freak out and the fact that I have yet to incorporate speed work. I have the potential to drop 30+ more pounds. How could I place then? I can feel the difference it makes to my running when I fluctuate by as little as 3-4 pounds. As it is, I've improved my 5k time by about 5 minutes in the last year. Running experience is part of that, but 25 pounds down has certainly had an impact.

3. I'll be getting some more open water swim experience!
I have a couple opportunities coming up! I'll be joining a group this Saturday at Ghost lake (brrr! but, it's what it will be like in Banff). I also may be joining a group Monday nights. In addition, I have an uncle that has offered to take me out while spotting in his canoe, and a friend who will get me into a community lake.

A couple months ago, I was at a loss for where to swim. (There are not that many places to swim here.) Now, I've got plenty of choices.


  1. I keep thinking I'm going to need to check that book out. I'm with you on the whole "what could I do thing" but actually getting myself to do the work to drop it is another matter. I'm already worrying about winter and what will happen when my exercise is not as high as it is now.

    Great news on the OWS!!!

  2. It's amazing how the mind know what to do, but the body doesn't want to. At least it's that way for me. I know if I lost weight I would become a better, faster athlete. I want to lose weight, but to this poing I haven't been quite willing to do what it takes to make it happen. I have lost a few pounds over the last few weeks, but I could be doing alot better. I just love to eat way too much. Good luck!