Wednesday, February 1, 2012

It wasn't what I thought

So, on the weekend, I had my first couple workouts after being sick.  To say the least, they were discouraging. I felt like my fitness had gone out the window.  I felt wiped and exhausted upon being done.  I felt like months of hard work had suddenly vanished.

Then, in the last couple days, I've had some really strong training.  Monday, it was my coached swim session.  Yesterday, it was a short run and then my tri spin class.

Swimming was challenging, but I was never left feeling like I couldn't do it.  On the contrary, I absolutely could do it and I did.  A lot of short hard efforts, and I discovered that I still had my form.

My run yesterday still wasn't that fast, but it felt good.  I did an easy 5.5km.  My final 1.5 km was along one of my favourite sections of river pathway.  As I ran, I felt myself getting into a rhythm.  The whole world melted away and I was just running.  I could barely feel my legs working, and yet at the same time, I could feel every part of my body moving in sync.  There was no effort to it, but when I looked at my garmin, I could see that I was going the fastest I had that day.  Afterwards, I was tired, but rejuvenated.

Then, that evening at spin class, I worked my butt off.  It hurt.  It burned.  I wanted to die.  A typical spin class.    :)  Then it was done and we did some core work.  Um, have I ever admitted that I don't really do core work?  (Bad Deb!)  That hurt too.

Today, I'm sore.  My muscles are tired and a bit achy.  I can feel every one of them, and I'm trying to figure out if there's a part of me that doesn't hurt a little bit.

I'm feeling something else too.  Every one of those sore, achy muscles feels alive.  Completely, undoubtedly alive.

I realized that is what I missed.  It wasn't the speed.  I can get that back.  It wasn't the endurance.  I may have lost less of that then I initially thought.

It's that feeling of being utterly capable.  Finishing a workout, and maybe being tired, but at the same time being rejuvenated.  That feeling of life in every part of me.

And that is why I do this.  That is why I tri.


  1. Glad you are on the upswing. I was up all night with a puker so I am dragging today after a couple days of feeling like a rock star. Such is life as a mom. Tons of work to get done today so I'd better quit procratinating.

  2. Love that feeling on the run when the world melts away. Also love that feeling when you feel like you are alive. Triathlons do that for me, but they stress me out at the same time :-).

  3. Its amazing how the body snaps back after getting sick when we engage in athletic training.

    Wow, I wish I could get that feeling when I run.

  4. i LOVE it when i get that feeling when i run...just running for the love of it and it feels so effortless. i always wish that people who don't run could just feel that feeling and i'd think they be hooked!

  5. YAY for feeling better. you are going to feel great this week. and I love runs like the one you described....sigh....going to run right now!!!!