Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Winner, winner!

A couple of weeks ago, I won a contest from Steve.  Now, I don't win things super often, and some contests don't allow Canadian entries, so I was stoked to win this one.  The winnings?  A thermal run hat from Pearl Izumi and 20 Roctane Gu gels.


Now, sadly, the hat arrived last week - along with a $25 cash on delivery charge.  Unfortunately, UPS is not the most friendly for cross border shipments.  (As in they charge criminal brokerage fees that they don't tell you about ahead of time.)  While I know the hat is worth about $30, it was not in a colour I would have chosen, and it would just be another hat in my collection of running hats.  I declined the shipment.  :(

The Gu on the other hand...

Gu is the only brand of gel that I've tried and like the consistency of.  While chocolate mint is usually my flavour of choice, I've been wanting to try the Roctane gels.  I'm now looking forward to trying a whole bunch of Island Nectar!

There was also an unexpected bonus, a tube of gu brew.  I often have trouble with muscle cramps and have been debating the use of an electrolyte drink.  I guess this will be the first one I try!

Yay for winning!


  1. I love island nectar - good flavour!

  2. Gah, I hate UPS for that reason! Sorry you had to reject the hat but yay for all that GU!

  3. Its amazing how something can travel across a line and instantly get charged for it.

  4. nice win!! i giggled a bit when i saw your post title because as soon as i saw it i added in my head "chicken dinner" a la guy fieri... :)

  5. I hate UPS!! Sucks that you had to decline the shipment but it makes sense.

  6. Congratulations! I love Roctane...and yes, you should definitely try an electrolyte drink. GuBrew is tasty, but I prefer Infinit for my long stuff.