Friday, May 25, 2012

Runniversary, Niggles, doubts, and racing!


Today is my runniversary.  Two years ago today, I did my very first run.  In some ways, it feels like a lifetime ago.  In other ways, I can still remember that run like it was yesterday.  One thing is clear, the steps that followed that first one have shaped, changed and defined me as a person.

I did it at the track to make sure I kept the option of returning my shoes if they didn't work.  None of the high tech gadgets like garmins and heart rate monitors I use now.  I didn't even have a watch, so I used the big clock on the wall and switched between running and walking when the minute changed.  I went into that run hopeful but nervous.  Could I actually run for one solid minute?  Turned out I could.  Times 10.


With today being my runniversary, I really wanted to do a run that was a bit of a repeat of that first one two years ago.  It's not to be though.  My foot is bothering me, and I've self diagnosed it as potential metatarsalgia.  It feels like there's a lump under the ball of my foot, and it hurts a bit walking around.

If there's one thing I'm finally starting to learn, it's that you don't ignore those niggles, regardless of what the training plan says.  No running today, and hopefully it will feel better tomorrow, when I'm supposed to run with Keith and Sophia.  I have a vague feeling I've felt this before, so I'm hoping it will go away soon.


Today I was thinking about the cutoff times for my half ironman in July.  I'm a bit nervous about it.  I know I should be able to make them - provided nothing goes wrong.  Even swimming off course, I should be okay.

Truthfully, what I've been stressing about is the bike.  There's a couple sections of road that are really rough, and I'm SLOW there.  My average speed on most rides is right around what I need to maintain, just to make the cutoffs - and that's not taking into account the possibility of a flat tire...

Having said that, I can only control what's in my power.  Looking back at my bike times from last seasons' races, I should be solid in terms of my pace on the bike.  And, I'm a stronger cyclist as well as more confident going down hills.  That's got to translate, right?


Maybe the nerves are just a precursor to my first triathlon of the season!  I'm racing on Sunday.  It's "just" a sprint, so it should be a good way to get warmed up for more racing.  (Trust me, particularly on my runniversary, I realize how it sounds to say "just" a sprint.)

As exciting as my own race on Sunday is my kids' race.  Sweetpea will be doing her very first triathlon and Spud will do his second one.  They are both super excited about it.  Sweetpea particularly wants a medal...


  1. I've walked in your shoes, except for the woman part. You've done great so far, and will continue to improve.

    I was going to ride my bike to N Glenmore tomorrow, so I'll leave the house about 8:30. If your foot hurts, just call and let me know. I'd rather you put it off than risk an injury.

    Lots of time between now and July to build bike confidence and strength. I remember the worst of it being 37 St just before T2, with the end in sight.

  2. Happy runniversary and good luck this weekend! It is funny how perspective changes as we get more experience and stamina. Cool your kids are racing this weekend too. Have fun!