Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sometimes a little push can be good

I've started occasionally running with my husband.

I have to admit that I have just a tiny bit of bitterness that he can outrun me.  I've been consistently training for almost 2 years, and he's been running once every week or two since the summer time.  Now, he'd happily agree that I have way more endurance then he does.  In a 10k or longer race, it would be no contest.  But over shorter distances, he can leave me in the dust.

Last weekend, we went on short run while the kids were in a swimming lesson.  We were doing run/walk intervals, but he was slowing down a bit so that he could try running longer then the three minutes he does occasionally when he was running on his own.  We had planned to just go by feel, and I was determined to hang on.  Come hell or high water, I was NOT going to be the one to call for a walk break.

We went off at a nice casual (for him) and bloody fast (for me) pace.  About 5:00/km (8:00/mile).  And I held on.  For 4.5 minutes.  Until he called for a walk break.  We did some more running, and some more walking.  It was just a short run, since we only had 25 minutes with both kids in lessons.

Later, I gave him a hard time about how he was trying to kill me.  "That's faster then I do speedwork!"  I told him.

Um, faster then I do speedwork?  Faster then I run for 30-60 seconds at a time (depending what the workout is)?  Yes, it was.  But it raised a question: if I was capable of running for 4.5 minutes at that speed, why am I doing my speedwork slower then that?

It wasn't comfortable, but that's not the point.  The point is that I was completely capable of holding onto that pace for almost five minutes, and therefore, I am probably not pushing myself hard enough at other times.

I suppose I can learn the occasional thing from my husband.


  1. Mine is the exact same way....barely runs or trains and could kill me in a 5k or 10k race! But I would agree with you....I have way more endurance than he does!

  2. Thats a good point! You can probably do faster intervals. Well, running with your husband paid off in discovery.

  3. Keep it up! You are going to be kicking his butt! :) You just keep pushing and pushing yourself, you are amazing!

  4. LOL - Shhhh....don't tell him - But glad you learned something new about breaking your limits.

  5. Ha! Sounds like it might be good for you :) My husband is the same way, can outsprint me at short stuff but I finally have the endurance to take him out over distance - keep up your work and it will pay off!

  6. Nice job! I'd say you are right that if you can hold that for almost 5 minutes, you can go a little faster during your speed work. You'll have to work up to it though to increase your leg turnover.

  7. Deb why would your husband call for a walk break after only 5 minutes if the pace was "easy" for him. Something amis here. But yes, you can always learn from the stronger sex.

  8. WOW thats smoking fast but Deb I have no doubt you'll use what youve learnt and teach him a thing or two in the future.