Sunday, June 24, 2012

Paying the Piper

First off, my race report is almost complete.  Just need to add some pictures to it and give it a quick proofread.  Should be up tomorrow.  (On a side note, it feels like I'm back in school making excuses for not completing my homework.)

Unfortunately, when it comes to training, this weekend has not quite panned out as planned.  If any of you recall, my son was sick the day before last weekend's race.  I said more then once that I just hoped that I didn't get sick before the race.  I could handle it after, but please not before.

So, I suppose I asked for this...

The past week was mediocre as far as training was concerned.  I got some decent training in, but felt like I was fighting exhaustion all week.  I started thinking we had dodged the bullet and my son probably had food poisoning rather then something contagious.  Then my husband came down sick on Wednesday.  Crap.

Ever the optimist, I carried on ignoring the possibility that I could get it too.  Ignoring the signs.  Then Friday, a day where I was exhausted and tried to use excess coffee to compensate, I arrived home to find that my daughter was sick.  And I knew.  In fact it was so clear to me that I headed out for a quick shopping trip so that I could get it done before I got really sick, since my husband was still kind of sick.

It was time to pay the piper.

So, rather then training all weekend, I spent one night violently ill and two days in bed.  No four hour bike ride.  No swimming, no running.  On the plus side, I had done my long run during the week, so at least that wasn't missed.

Just trying to keep things in perspective.  Trying to remember that a little bit of lost training won't be the end of the world.  Even if I'm lying in bed rather then getting close to my highest training volume of the year.

Because at least I wasn't sick right before my race.

Ironically, I think this is becoming a habit.  I seem to get sick after big races - consistently.  I just need to remind my body that this wasn't the big race, so I'm hoping it will hold off before getting sick again...


  1. It reminds me of Christmas exam know, you're all good and on adrenaline for the exams, and the day after you get really sick and lasts the entire xmas vacation.

    Hope you get better soon. I'm looking forward to your race report! I have been wondering how you're doing.

    Don't feel badly about not posting your race report. You were sick! I still have a post about the bikefest in Banff last weekend I want to write about, and have still not done that yet.

  2. Get better soon! At least it waited until after your race. I get sick after big races quite often too. Usually several days later.

  3. Smart to give in when you're sick. The sooner you start taking care of it, the sooner you get over it. There is lots of time to train, and lots of races to come.

    I always told myself that when I was sick, it was a form of recovery. Forced recovery to be sure, but I would be surprised if you don't do surprisingly well after the rest.

  4. Sometimes you get sick after a big race, it's the letdown of the stress and your immune system. Not much you can do about it so good thing you kept the training light and just got through it!

  5. Before I decided to train for triathlons getting sick was just, well... getting sick. Its funny that now we relate everything to how it affects training and/or races like getting sick, our kids activities, work, responsibilities to our family, etc.

  6. Hope you and your family are all starting to feel better!

  7. I totally understand your frustration. Down with a brutal head cold right now and hoping it doesn't fulminate into something worse because I have too much to do this week.