Saturday, September 8, 2012

DNS - A hard pill to swallow

A few minutes ago, I should have crossed the finish line of the Banff sprint distance triathlon.  Instead, I'm sitting at home blogging about it.

So, what happened?

As recently as three days ago, I was mulling over the blog post I'd write prior to the race.  It would be the first race I hadn't really trained up to.  However, 5 weeks ago, I finished one 4 times the distance, so I was confident I could do it.  It was going to be my fun race, my celebration race.  My no pressure race.

Until I started feeling sick.  At first, just kind of unsettled, then actively nauseous.  Then, yesterday, I took my son out for a short bike ride (while I ran with him).  That brief exercise left me dizzy and nauseous.

I considered doing the race anyways.  I hate the idea of signing up for a race, paying for it, and not doing it.  I could have toughed it out as I have countless training sessions and a couple races when I didn't feel great.

But, what would I accomplish?  Certainly not my goals for this race, which was to let myself have fun, and go in with no pressure.

So, it is with a heavy heart that I made the decision to DNS (Do Not Start).  I really wanted to do this race, but going into it when I'm feeling ill is not going to benefit me.  It may be "only" a sprint distance, but as I discovered when I did Sylvan Lake, a sprint distance can  be really really long if you have an uncooperative tummy.

So, the 70.3 was my last triathlon this year, and that's okay.  It was a good one, it was a strong one, and it was a huge accomplishment.  I'm happy to end this year's triathlon with that as my final race.

Now, onto a weight loss focus and a running focus for a bit.  Watch me get stronger, and next year's triathlon season will be even more epic then this one was.  :)


  1. YOu made the smart move - better to not make yourself more sick or get injured if you aren't feeling right for racing. Enjoy the off season - time for fun!!!

  2. DNS is full of doubts and self-recriminations. You'll always wonder just how sick you were, and whether you could have toughed it out, and golly wasn't that 70.3 finishers medallion nice.

    But in the end if you've been doing the training, you know what you're up for, and what you aren't. Far better to DNS than find yourself in a RAFU, a close relative of SNAFU.

  3. All you can do is all you can do.

    I think you made a wise choice. Next year, I'm sure, will be epic. Can't wait.

  4. Good call on the DNS. If your goal was to have fun, that would have been tough to do if you felt like crap.

  5. DNS is so hard to see next to your name, but is totally the right choice when you're sick. No point doing it if it's not fun, and esp if it risks injury to your health or your body. You were totally epic this year with the 70.3, and I know you'll be more so next year. :)

  6. I have pulled out of races too. Being sick is a valid reason. However, I have pulled out because my heart just wasn't in it. I ran my last marathon with the stomach flu because I had trained so hard for it. It wasn't fun at all.

  7. Definitely a smart move not to do this race. Hope you are feeling better!!

  8. Bummer but sounds like the right call. Hope you are feeling better soon!