Sunday, January 6, 2013

The doomed run gone right

On the schedule yesterday was my long run.  I slacked off a little over Christmas week, and in coming back, I usually find the long run the toughest to get back into the groove for.

There was no question that I was doing it though.  The only question was where.  I've been something of a weather wimp lately, and with a track at my work and a treadmill in my basement, it's been easy to avoid winter on my runs.  I don't even hate the "dreadmill" or track.  I can usually find my groove on them, so there's not too much discouragement in getting on them.

Having said that, when I considered a treadmill run, it held no appeal for me.  Likewise with the track.  Outside?  I didn't really feel like it either, but it was more appealing and if I wanted to get back in gear, it was going to have to happen.  And there was really no excuse in the weather.  It was about -4C (25F), which for a Canadian girl is practically balmy.  Calm, with minimal wind (which is rare here), and sunny.

Getting out the door proved to be a challenge though.  My husband did a run first (on the treadmill), so I waited until he was done.  He took longer then I expected.  Then when I prepared to go, I couldn't seem to find anything.  My running tights?  Hat?  Gloves?  Heart rate monitor?  Etc...  Everything seemed to be in my black hole of clutter.

The run just seemed to have everything against it.

Finally I managed to get out the door.  A good hour and a half later then planned.  No heart rate monitor and a different hat then planned, but reasonably well equipped.  I walked down to the river - about a 2 minute walk.  Then I started to run.  Slowly at first.

No matter how long I've been running for, I always get that urge to walk in the first 10 minutes.  Yesterday was no exception.  At best that first 10 minutes was mediocre.  I expect that though.  While that blah feeling could signal something later in a run, at the start, it's simply the hump I have to get over.  If anything, I was expecting that hump to be bigger then usual.

Then I reached my first turn around point.  I was along my zen run path, a favourite section.  And things just clicked.  I was in the zone.  The perfect rhythm.  Past the hump and flying along.  One of those perfect runs, in the sunshine and snow.

Runs like this are why I run.  Races are awesome, but let's be honest, most of us average one race a month - at most.  But when every run holds this possibility, it's worth it.


  1. It took a long long time for this to happen to me. Till then, I thought that runners were liars. So nice that you got out there! I was so tempted, but staggering around the house in an almost post sick state without falling down does not qualify one to run.

    My rule is give it 20 minutes. Lots of times things come around and I'll carry on. Usually not as well as it did for you, but to an acceptable state. There have been a few times where I've packed it in.

  2. Runs like that are magical. Savor them!

  3. It takes 1 to 2 miles before everything settles down for me. That is why 5k's are tough for me.

  4. Love it when things just click after that rough start and you wish you could run for hours.

  5. Even when I'm in my very best running shape, the first 10-15 mins always suck for me. It takes me about that long to settle in and find my rhythm. Isn't it awesome though when it all comes together? Great job!

  6. Always thankful when I fear something is going to be awful and it is not (or even better - good).

  7. LOVE those kinds of runs! Nicely done !

  8. I love it when things come together on a run! Good for you for getting out there and getting to that point. And yes, -4C is pretty balmy weather around here at this time of year! That's practically shorts weather! I'm so going to melt in Florida this weekend...