Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Rubber Arms

About a year ago, it was sign up day for Melissa's, a popular race in the mountains of Banff.  I signed up for it almost immediately, and then posted on facebook, tagging a bunch of people, telling them they needed to sign up too.

One of the people I tagged was Leana, who would be doing Ironman Canada less then a month before Melissa's.  When she initially indicated reluctance, you might think I would leave it at that.  She did have a pretty good excuse.

Instead, I posted the following:

"Wasn't sure about tagging you, given IMC.  But seriously, it's "just" an ironman, you can't do a little 10K?

You might think that could be offensive, but after a little more back and forth, she posted that she was registered - exactly 15 minutes after her first comment when she said she'd sit it out.

Fast forward to this year.  Yesterday was registration, and when a friend posted that she was registered, I wasn't sure.  I kind of debated it all day.  Maybe I wouldn't register.  It is a super busy race.

Then I arrived at spin class.  And Leana asked me if I was registered for Melissa's.  I did some of my waffling.  Then I decided I should.  Or at least, if there was still space when I got home I would.  Probably.  Maybe.

After class, a bunch of us went out for tacos, and Leana quietly looked it up on her phone to see that the race was 90% sold out.  Now, I don't have a smart phone (yes, I know, it's shocking), but within minutes, I was making use of Leana's and registering for the race.

Sometimes you need somebody to twist your arm.  Your rubber arm.


  1. Glad I could convince you!!! Wow, you have an amazing memory of last year's events!

  2. Cool! I saw Leana's tweet about encouraging her friend Deborah to do Melissa's...I didn't know you were the Deb! Have fun guys!

  3. That is awesome Deb! I didn't need much convincing either and kind of signed up very spontaneously! It really is a win-win situation when you decide to race in Banff, let's be honest!

  4. Yay for good friends that push us to do all sorts of fun things.