Monday, March 4, 2013

Looking for a challenge

I suffer from an affliction that is common to runners and triathletes.  I've seen it referred to as "FOMO" or "Fear Of Missing Out".

In other words, I pretty much want to do every race.  If the location looks cool, I want to do it.  If friends are doing it, I want to do it.  If I've done it before and liked it, I want to do it.  If I've done it before and been unhappy with the results, I need to do it again to redeem myself...

The problem of course, is there are only so many weeks in the year and days in the week.  The right program includes rest, taper and recovery time to balance out the days of racing and hard training.

But sometimes enthusiasm outweighs common sense.

The race I wanted to do this time is the Skirt Chaser race.  Basically, it's a 5K race where the women get a 3 minute headstart.  My plan was to do it with my husband, who to my endless frustration can run faster then me even on minimal training.  I figured I could do this race, run like hell, and hopefully not be passed by my frustratingly naturally fast husband.  Game on.

Another must do race for me is the Police Half Marathon.  The Police Half was my first half marathon.  It was a blizzard that day, so it made for brutally hard conditions.  Even though I finished the race, I felt like I gave up in the last few kilometers.  This race is a redemption race for me.  I'm going to pace well, finish strong and blow away my previous finish time on it.  Possibly even set a personal best on the distance, that was set on a much easier course.

The issue?  The Skirt Chaser race takes place a mere 5 days after the half marathon.  Once I realized the date issue, I knew it wasn't good.  So, I sent my coach an email to ask her anyways.  Maybe she'd let me do it?  The half marathon training might just help my speed?  She did let me sign up for 2 half ironman races 3 weeks apart, even though it wasn't ideal.

So, today's reason to have a coach?  To keep you from doing stupid things.

Her answer wasn't wishy washy.  It was quite clear: Not a good idea.  I'd suffer lots, and go nowhere.

Now, I don't think she's entirely accurate.  I'm quite sure, even on tired legs, I am capable of making forward progress.  I wouldn't go "nowhere".  Having said that, if I'm going to suffer, it better be while winning this challenge.  Her answer doesn't sound promising.

So, now to find another challenge.  I was hoping to have that three minute headstart as a bit of an equalizer, but maybe I should just go head to head with my husband?  He's been starting to run more regularly, so I might get blown away.  I still have an advantage of more experience pacing and the willingness to endure more pain.  Hmmm, now to find another 5K...


  1. Heh. My problem with FOMO is I only have so much money. Races aren't cheap. :(

  2. Skirt chaser! I love that idea! That sounds like a fun run to do!

  3. I am running the police half as well...hopefully see you there!

  4. Hmm... I am suffering from NOMO. For the time being don't want to do No Mo races. Just train!

  5. This is the story of my freakin life! I swear I want to do every race out there, every challenge, etc. I have a non-athletic husband who even finds races for me and then I'm like "Ohhh! That looks good too!". I don't have a coach yet, but at it is my budget and attempt to balance family with racing that forces me to say no.