Monday, May 16, 2011

Looking at my blogger stats...

If you're a fellow blogger, you should check out your stats periodically. I find it interesting to see what posts have been viewed the most as well as where my audience is coming from. One aspect of that is which search words people have used on google to find your blog.

My most read post ever is the one in which I reviewed the C25K program. Other posts that have commonly been found through google searches are my race reviews, as I suspect people who have done those races are searching for similar entries.

Since I posted this entry, I have had a number of people reach my blog after searching "pantyhose pee". Now, I will admit to occasionally being naive, but I couldn't think why people would be searching it. A quick google search of my own showed me that, not only am I on the second page of that particular search, but I could get myself a whole new audience...

What are some google searches that have led people to your blog?


  1. I was curious so I looked at that. I've had a lot of people find me by googling "Eugene Marathon blog" as well as "run less run faster" and "inspiration"

  2. LOL! I know it is so funny to see how people find you! You would not believe the number of folks who find my blog by looking for a pic of mario lopez with no shirt! ;)

  3. OMG that's hilarious!!

    I have a lot of hits with race reviews but there have been a view search phrases that made me laugh. Nothing quite as "interesting" as yours though!!

  4. That's funny. I do check out mine periodically, but never see anything too interesting. I did just look again and apparently Vanduzzi Greek brings up my blog??? Huh??? Apparently my "cupping" blog from way back is tied to this because of another blogger's comment.