Monday, May 2, 2011

Following your training plan

The past week was the first week that I have followed a full fledged triathlon training plan, and I nailed it! No more neglecting my bike. I'm getting some solid mileage in, on both my road bike and my hybrid. I've dropped my running mileage from where I was at for my half marathon, but even so, my long run was 12 km (7.5mi) this week. More then I need to train for an Olympic triathlon 19 weeks from now, but enough to keep my running in shape to contemplate another half mary in the fall.

The thing with training plans is, you have to follow them. Until now, the only training plans I'd been following were running ones. I have always kept up with the swimming, but that's because I'm afraid I'll drown in a triathlon if I don't improve. Since the bike was never an official part of my plan, it was always the first thing dropped.

The thing is, if you can't follow your plan, you need to re-examine it. Following it is obviously key to get into the physical shape you need, but it's also mental. I entered my recent half marathon having missed numerous runs due to sickness. I knew going in that I wasn't as well trained as I liked. When I hit the wall towards the end, I know part of it was physical, but I wonder how much was mental.

If you plan to get up at 5:00 am to run, do it. If you can't, change your plan and set it up in a way that you will follow through. Don't set yourself up for failure by choosing a plan you don't have time for. Make a decision about what you can do and follow through. Obviously there are going to be times that life throws things at you that messes with your plan. Rather then ignoring the plan, that's when you have to re-evaluate and make a new one.

My biggest kink in my training plan is going to be a 3 week vacation in June during which I probably won't have my bike. I haven't figured out how to work out that kink yet, but before I head out, I can tell you one thing. It will be with a plan.


  1. I have a really hard time following a training plan. I start out with the best intentions and then hardly ever follow through :(

  2. You nailed it!! I have such a hard time following a swim and bike plan but no issues with the run plan. I am sure it has to do with group accountability. I am just sick of spinning in the basement!! I need to get over it and just do it!!
    As for your vacation, if you can't bring your bike, try running a bit more as I have found running has helped my bike immensely. Better than nothing I guess!

  3. I don't have problems getting my cycling in since it is my favorite part of the tri. I always joke that the only reason I swim is to get to my bike, lol. You have to get the bike in there because it is the biggest part of a tri and you will need those legs to be strong once it is time to run!

    You are so right about not setting yourself up for failure. Sometimes we do it without even thinking about it. Like happens sometimes and you need to roll with it...boy have I learned that.

  4. Great post and so true!! I have an Olympic Tri in 18 weeks. I am finally getting in the pool this week. I was supposed to be doing a 20 week training plan, but things got in the way. Now it's time to get on that plan and stick with it the next 18 weeks!