Tuesday, March 6, 2012

The continued quest to break 2:00

Yesterday was another one of my coached swim sessions.  We started off with warm up, some drills, some pulling with paddles.  Then fast 100s.

Just last week, I wrote about how I'm trying to reach the illusive target of swimming 100m in less then 2 minutes.  I've actually been trying to hit that goal for around a month and a half, and have gotten close many times, but until last night, my best was 2:02.

Janice (Angie was away, so Janice was running the workout) explained that we needed to try to hold the pace on the 100s.  Our last 100 should be just as fast as our first 100.

I started swimming.  Pacing, pacing...  I made sure that I didn't blast through that first 25.  I've realized that's a big part of my problem.  I tend to sprint right from the start, and then I just don't have it in me to hold the pace for the full time.  As I finished the first 50, I checked my time.  1:03.  Made a mental note that checking the time probably cost me at least a second or two...  Yep, getting pretty uncomfortable.  Last 25, let it hurt.

2:04.  Not bad.  Generally the speed I can hold for subsequent 100s.  Hmm, if I cut out the glance at the pace clock, I should be able to cut that down a bit.

Once again, made sure I didn't go to hard right from the start.  I think I'm getting a better feel for finding the right pace.  This time, I didn't check the clock halfway.  I still do open turns, but it's surprising how much extra time it can take just to glance back.  Man, it gets hard in that last 50 metres.  Don't flail.  Keep form...

2:00 even.  My best ever.  But bittersweet.  Still starts with that "2".  Close, so close...

This time Janice had been watching me.  She made two observations.  First of all, I do this funny thing with my right wrist on entry.  It's hard to explain, but I understood what she was talking about.  The second observation was that when I got tired, I wasn't reaching as far on my entry and I was shortening my stroke.  Damn.  I had been concentrating so hard on my form.  But, sometimes I need those reminders to give me specific things to focus on.


The first 50 metres was pretty similar to the sets before.  Hold back just that tiny bit off the wall so I don't burn myself out.  Hold on for the next bit.  It's only 2 minutes.  You can do anything for 2 minutes.  Going into the last 25 metres.  Let it hurt, but don't let go of form.  It's almost like I detach myself in moments like that.  Stop thinking about how hard it is, and just break it into segments.  Keep my wrist from doing the flippy thing.  Pull, pull...  Pull all the way through.  Don't shorten it.  It feels simultaneously easier and harder.  
You have to fight against the feeling that you should be moving your arms really fast and instead concentrate on holding onto as much water as you can to pull yourself forward.  Almost there.


Holy crap!  I did it.

Yeah, won't be happy with just once.  I had another 2:00 100 last night, but didn't get below it again.  I've done it once, and I'll do it again.
(Yeah, I'm recycling photos that I've used before...)


  1. Woohoo!!! That's awesome!!!

  2. Yeah, way to go Deb!! Congrats on seeing progress in the pool!

  3. Awesome! Great job! 1:45 next? ;)

  4. recycle away - I love that pic :)

    and you know what WAY TO GO!!!!! who cares if it wasn't a 1:XX - you are RIGHT there!!!!!!! and you're doing amazing. Pat yourself on the back girl xoxox

  5. Yay! And now you know you can do it, it will be easier next time, and then it will be routine. First time I broke a 20 minute K after getting back into swimming it damn near killed me. Two days later I did 19:30 and felt great. The same will happen to you.

    And did I say Yay! And I knew you could do it!

  6. Yea!!! In no time you will be hitting under 2 on a regular basis!

  7. That's awesome!! Way to go. You are ready to break that over and over again now!

  8. Way to rock it out in the pool! Go Deb!!

  9. That's awesome! After going to the pool myself on Monday I'm convinced you're a God anyways because I can barely swim 100m let alone in 2:00 or less! Ha ha. I'll time myself next week and post it - then you'll feel REALLY good about your time! Ha ha.