Friday, March 23, 2012

A Knee Niggle again

So, it's back.  The knee niggle and start of knee pain that keeps creeping in.  Last time it happened was a couple weeks ago.  It went away completely after I took 5-6 days off biking and running.

On the plus side, I swam more when it happened.  Angie even commented that my swim had really improved.  Undoubtedly the extra pool time helped.  On the downside, I can not continue taking nearly a week off of biking and running every few weeks.  Not when I'm training for a half ironman in 18 weeks.

I've quite positively linked the cause as cycling.  I'm also pretty sure it's linked to the tight calf issue I've had in the last six months.  I had a fit done in the summer (which I'm confident fixed many other issues).  I've emailed the fitter and asked his opinion.  He thinks that it could need an adjustment to a cleat or something, so I'm hoping that fixes the problem.  I'll see him on Monday.

I feel almost guilty complaining about it.  I know many of you are dealing with much bigger issues.  I can still run right now, and it actually made my knee feel better yesterday.  I might have to shorten or unfortunately eliminate my biking over the next few days, but I know that this is not a long term problem - yet.  I'm getting better at listening to my body when I have these little niggles popping up, so hopefully that will help me avoid the avoidable types of big problems.

It snowed again yesterday.  Not a surprise really.  We usually get snow in April still, and often in May.  Looks like I won't be going outside on the bike just yet...


  1. Knees can be sensitive to incredibly small adjustments. A couple years ago, I raised my seat 2 mm and my right knee was much happier. Cleat misadjustment usually affects my ankles more, but it can definitely also be a cause of knee pain.

  2. Good for you listening to your body! Don't be a dumb ass like me with your knees or word verification :-).

    Thanks for pointing that out BTW, hopefully I fixed it.

  3. I constantly run with some sort of knee pain. Most of it is low grade and manageable, however, once in a while it can get bad. So I "feel your pain".

  4. Don't feel badly, knees are very important and any pain is always very discouraging. I hope that you'll be able to get the knee back to pain-free soon. *hugs*

    PS. No robots on my site anymore. I think. :)

  5. smart to keep the niggles under control and watch them before they turn into all out pain!

    reading that you're doing well with the swimming made me think that i really need to start those swim lessons...ack!! lol!

  6. I am so sorry you're dealing with this Deb and I think any injury sucks regardless of what it is so never feel bad complaining.

    I just used KT tape for the first time and taped my hip flexor/groin issue up for my race and to be honest I think it must be why my hip is no's not better, but it's not worse, so to me that's awesome!

    maybe try grabbing some and I just use the youtube vids to show me how to do it!