Wednesday, March 14, 2012

How often do you shower?

It's generally accepted that most people shower once a day.  In addition, if you workout, it's expected that you shower.

I have an admission to make: I do not shower after every workout.

Here's the thing: I generally train 10 times a week, and sometimes, it just seems ridiculous to shower when I'm going to get sweaty again anyways.

Take yesterday, for instance.  I did a 40 minute run while my kids were both in preschool.  Practically speaking, I had time left for a shower, but instead I stretched, foam rolled and grabbed some food.  I was doing a bike class that evening, so I just didn't see the point.  Yeah, I was sweaty.  I probably stunk.  But my kids must be used to it by now, and if other parents want to judge me, so be it.  The other people I was going to interact with were the triathletes at spin class, and it wouldn't take long for all of them to be stinky and sweaty too.

Then there's rest days.  Frequently I don't shower on them at all.  I mean, there's a good chance that I sweated and showered the night before, and likely that I'll sweat (and maybe shower) the following morning.  What's the point?

I do shower every time I swim.  I seem to have a mild allergy to either the chlorine or something else in the water, so if I don't, I'm left sneezing until I get cleaned off.

So, what about you?  Any stinky admissions?


  1. I have to shower everyday right now due to this stupid fungus I got :( but that's only for another week. I HATE it! I finally had my hair at 3 days!!!! and my body, well it depends on my workout, what I'm doing after, how I feel etc.....I don't think it's dirty not to shower everyday, I actually think it's silly to shower everyday :P

  2. I usually shower (which means washing my hair) every other day and then a body rinse in between. It really depends on my workout that day. If I don't sweat a lot, then I'll skip a shower. Probably gross but oh well!

  3. Oh heck, unless I have to go to the office in between 2 workouts I don't shower between them. I do try to get on with my post swim workouts sooner rather than later because I hate marinating in chlorine but that's about it.

  4. I've been contemplating this as well.

    I workout twice a day, which means 2 showers. Then the wife does her 2 workouts so there is another 2 showers. Then the 2 kids have their showers.

    Soooo talk about being hard on the water/heat bill!!

    So I've skipped a couple of times if I'm not headed to the office. I can't say I like it- I can't seem to relax the same when there is a layer of ick on me.

    Jury is still out on this though cuz I'm tired of 230952309582309 showers a day lol

  5. I like to shower after every workout unless it's late and I'm sleepy then forget it.

    I confess however that it's often hours and hours after I work out before I shower. As long as I don't have to go out and meet people, I'm just not too quick to clean up, haha!

  6. Oh hey - didn't realize you were in the same race as me (altho I'm sure you mentioned it to me already). If you don't mind, would love to meet up if we can!

  7. All depends on whats going on, but generally once a day. That may or may not fall after my workout.

  8. I tend to work out in the evenings and just have a quick wash before bed. I do shower after the pool though to get the chlorine off.

    I sweat buckets when I work out and also have an oily scalp so I really do have to shower every morning. I've also found that I can't get moving (mentally) unless I'm freshly clean.

  9. I end up showering once or twice a day. Sometimes after my evening workout, I'll skip the shower if I'm not too stinky and don't need warmed up. Between having a teenager and all my workouts, my wife commented that our water bill has gone up the last couple years. Oh well, there are worse things that could happen.

  10. I'm in your boat too! If I'm not rushing out to do something important where I want to look nice, I just let it all fester! Oh yeah baby! Ha ha. My poor little boys...

  11. I am just the opposite. I like the fresh feeling of a shower. So I take them everyday regardless of training. I also shower after a workout.

  12. I'm with Kepa and probably several others. I shower at least once/day because I like how it makes me feel. I have some other childhood-related issues that drive it, but I can't stand to be stinky/greasy too long.

  13. I shower morning and before bed most days. I workout at noon (at work) and just use body spray and more deodorant to get me through my night workout. Who cares how I smell from 1-4pm IMO ;) its just co-workers, LOL.
    I do NOT want to sleep in my bed if I am not clean especially if I do a hard sweaty evening workout, a shower is a MUST (and I make my hubby too, even if he hasn't worked out but not showered that a.m. LOL...I'm weird)

  14. Well I used to shower every evening, which also was generally after a workout.

    Now, I shower every 2nd day generally. I could shower everyday but if I am not doing anything but hanging out at home I don't see the point. I am also trying to train my hair to be less greasy.

    I do have to shower after a workout though unless it's just regular yoga or strength training where I haven't sweat or else I breakout and I look gross!!