Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Less netflix, more mountain views...

This winter, I've managed to get some serious bike time in.  But, because I live in a climate with lots of snow, ice and cold temperatures, most of that time has been on the trainer.  I know some of you are tough and ride the trainer with just music for entertainment, but the only way I'm getting through those rides is by watching something that keeps me entertained.  I don't dislike biking on the trainer, but I don't like it either.  The reason to do it is really just so that I'll be better at riding once I can do it outdoors.

Like today.

My first outdoor ride in half a year, and it was fabulous.  I knew it was windy before I went, but it didn't seem too bad on my way out of town.  Of course, that is a bad sign.  What that meant is I had a lovely tailwind on my ride away from home.  When I turned around though...

Let's just say that it was more work to get back.

Some pictures from the ride.

Drivers are pretty good around here.  There's even nice signage on this road.

Maybe one day, I'll take a picture that does true justice to the mountains.  Maybe not though.  I'd probably need a better camera.

More pretty countryside with a mountain backdrop.
Not from my ride, but a pretty picture from last night's run


  1. looks beautiful....I can't wait to hit the trails :)

  2. Pretty views!!! My favorite show to watch on the trainer is The Walking Dead - keeps you VERY engaged!

  3. Horse Creek and the rest of the 70.3 course? That's really pretty up there, haven't ridden it for several years now.

  4. that's awesome that you got out on the road today! I almost didn't go for a walk today because it looked too windy but it wasn't bad!

  5. i am fortunate to live in a place where i can ride outside year round. i do have a trainer that i occasionally use, but i really hate it. like yourself, i have to have visual stimulation to ride it. audio just doesn't do it for me.

  6. Hope to invest in a trainer next year. Thankfully, this winter/spring has been super mild so I managed to get a fair bit of riding in the last couple of months. But always love pics!

  7. Wow! Beautiful! Great job riding against the wind. If, however, you decide to leave the frigid tundra for sunny San Diego, let me know and I'll show you all the good rides :)

  8. Looks like a beautiful place to ride!