Friday, November 9, 2012

Back On Bella

As mentioned in my last post, Bella, my bike has been languishing in a closet for months now.  Yesterday, I pulled her out, cleaned her up a bit and changed her tire.  It was all in preparation for today, when I was going to get back on my bike and get my butt kicked in a spin class.

A spin class that didn't happen.

Because we live in Alberta, and we pretty much all had to drive on a highway to get there, and we just got a dump of snow.  Safety was considered, and it wasn't happening.

Sometimes when there's nobody present to kick your butt, you have to do it for yourself.

Angie had emailed the workout earlier this week, and when it was concluded that the roads were overly treacherous, left instructions for all of us to get on on our bikes.

So, I did.

I had already made arrangements for my son to be picked up at school, giving me a bit of extra time, and there was no reason to relinquish that time, and even less reason to squander it.

I set up the bike, trainer and fan.  I blasted some eighties music, and followed the workout.
My husband was working from home today, due to the roads, so was available as a photographer.  Look at my legs!  Moving faster then the speed of light!
It was intense, and I loved it.  It's actually the first time I've done real interval work on my trainer, at home on my own.  I've done them in class, but at home, I usually just mindlessly spin with a slightly elevated heart rate.

Would I have pushed harder in a class?  Likely.  But, it was still a damn good workout, and for the first time back on my bike, I'm pleased to have gotten through it.  I had some technical difficulties, like my cadence sensor crapping out on me (if I'd ridden my bike again after my race, I'd have remembered it did it on me then, and I needed to fix it.)  Some derailleur/chain issues that I'm going to have to deal with.  But, it's all attitude.  That spin was going to happen.  And at least this time, it was going to happen while the kids were gone.

Now, my muscles will whine at me for the next couple days in protest, but they're just going to have to suck it up.  No more neglecting Bella.


  1. Woohoo on getting back on the bike! Send some of that mojo South.

  2. I can totally understand. Just got my bike out after not riding in a couple was awesome!