Monday, November 12, 2012

I've gotten soft

I used to be tough.  My first winter running, I would run in any weather.  I sucked it up, went outside and got it done.  The idea of running on a treadmill was totally unappealing.  Running on a track, I could do, but would rather avoid all those circles.  I had yak trax, so even slippery surfaces didn't slow me down much.  (You still have to step carefully, but they really did help when it was slippery.  Too bad they broke!)

Those are little globules of ice on my eyelashes.
I remember one run where Jen and I used vaseline on any exposed skin to prevent frost bite.  According to my blog post at the time, it was -31c (-24f).  We ran 18 km (11.2mi) that day.

Then last winter, I got a treadmill.  My yak trax hadn't even finished out my first season and another grip aid I tried also broke after two runs.  I wanted the treadmill for when it was slippery out.  It was also for when I'm on my own with the kids and need to squeeze a run in.

Then a few weeks ago, I started a job at a sports complex, which gives me free and convenient access to a track.

And, when the mercury drops, I find I just don't have it in me to go outside...

This weekend, Keith had invited a bunch of us over for a run and bison burgers.  It would have been him, Sophia, Leana, and myself.  And, the temperature dropped to -24c (-11f).  Leana was the first to bail, but I followed shortly after.  Sophia and Keith are the tough ones.  They still ran outside.


  1. Same here..but I became soft when I moved from Wisconsin to Colorado. In Wisconsin you had to run or bike in the cold and snow. In Colorado you just wait for the following day when it will be sunny and 60 degrees.

  2. There are things like Yak Trax that are more durable. MEC has lots of choice. I don't use them though, they make my feet feel funny. I mostly depend on landing square. About once a year I'd want a treadmill, for the days when I really want to run, and it's really, really slippery out. The rest of the year it would be an expensive laundry rack.

    Oh, and Sophia and I talked about you and Leana. Oops, did I say that out loud?

  3. I think it does take us awhile to develop our winter skin. Going from nice weather to all of a sudden -25C with the wind chill is tough! Pretty soon we'll get there and be running out in the really cold weather! Well...maybe...

  4. So impressed when anyone runs outside in those insane temps. You aren't not "soft". Just have better options. And I agree with Leana - a lot of it is what you have been used to.

  5. I ran the last chance half yesterday and it was -11 (felt like -18) at the start, and that was cold! It's amazing how quickly you warm up though

  6. OM Goodness.
    Where do you live?
    I can't imagine running in that low of temps.
    And to think I didn't run this weekend when it was in the 20s.
    I'm really soft!

  7. I'll be looking for you Leana! I really must get in a lunch time run with you and Kelly. We have till the end of 2013 to plan this.

  8. i'm totally soft...i'm from the west coast so we rarely ever get snow so i tip my hat to anyone who runs outside in the snow and subzero temps!

  9. thats so cool that you get to run....or not run ;) with them :) lol I just haven't felt good since my half marathon. I totally agree with Leana.....I always fine I hate winter running, until I get used to it ;) then I hate summer running, until I get used to it ;)