Thursday, March 14, 2013

Selfish summer planning

The world has gotten crazy.  In our society of keeping up with the Jones's, certain things have reached new levels of ridiculousness.  Like the fact that NOW is the time to make summer daycamp plans.  If anything, I'm a little bit late, because some of these camps are already filling up.  I could be high and mighty and refuse to get sucked into it.  Or, I could do what I need to, because it just makes my life easier.

My kids both finish school at the end of June.  BUT, I am doing two major races in July, so I am selfishly putting my kids in daycamps from the last week of June to the end of July.  Don't worry, I'll let my kids have some unplanned, carefree time in August, but this is all about me baby!

Bike camp, sports camps, maybe soccer, a farm, art, nature, etc.  My major requirement for me is that it gives me some training time.  My major requirement for the sake of my kids is that it gets them outside, they have fun, and it lets them burn off some steam.

Sweetpea is still young enough that most of the camps are fairly general, and a half day.  Spud has a whole host of opportunities; I just have to pick.

Bike camp is a definite.  The kids did it last year, and it was great.  Spud was flying on his bike by the end, and Sweetpea gained lots of confidence.  Now to pick the others...


  1. God, I can't wait until I can send my kids off to camp. Or school. Or something.

  2. I'm actually way behind because my kids get out of school the 3rd week of May and I need to line up camps for early June!

  3. Good for you! Sometimes it needs to be all about us so that we can be there for them. If as mom's we don't take time for ourselves, and our goals, we aren't as good as we can be as their Mom. Our whole summer schedule for camping, vacations, out of town guests, etc, revolve around my race schedule as well. Then, I thought it was funny that when planning our family vacation, my husband found a local tri to do that weekend, just for fun :)