Saturday, June 15, 2013

Race Day! Chinook Aquabike

I am off to the races.  Packed my bags and put them in the car last night.  Made a list of anything still in the house I had to remember: garmin, hydration, inhaler, bike...  Yes, I put "bike" on that list.  It seems obvious, but boy, would I feel dumb if I forgot my bike.

And now, the traditional pre race picture of me looking crazy:

I am bib 404, which my husband tells me means "website not found".  Now he can think of me anytime he sees that number.  :)

Race goals:

1. Stay calm in the swim.

2. Don't hurt myself.  It is not worth extra recovery time, just to run to transition.  Besides, I read my race report last year, and it seems my delicate feet didn't want to run much anyways as I found the surface a bit rough.

3. Push myself on the bike.  I am of the opinion that I tend to play it overly safe on the bike, so I don't blow up on the run.  Today, there is no run.

4. Don't let the uncontrollable get to me.

5. Savour the finish line.


  1. I hope you had a great day out there!

  2. Yes hope it was a fun day! I'm impressed that you actually put your bags in the car the night before - I'm such a hopeless last minute thrower-inner...