Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Setting goals for June

Reading Megan's goals at Grande Skinny Latte reminded me that I haven't set specific goals for a while.

I've been very conflicted about setting goals. I think there's a danger in putting a time line on achievements because you can feel like you failed if you didn't complete it. I think I've figured out where the disconnect is.

The key (for me) is to set goals for things that I want to do, not for things I want to happen.

Losing another 45 or more pounds is something I would like to have happen. In order to achieve that, there are a lot of things I need to do. Optimistically, I'd like to lose 5-10 pounds in the month of June. Again, this is something I want to have happen, but not something I do. It may or may not happen as a result of the things I will do.

So, having said that, my goals for the month of June are as follows:

1. Run 3 times a week, following the C25K program.

I'll listen to my body on this one, and I may repeat weeks, or spend an extra workout at the lower intensity. I just did my fourth run yesterday, and I stayed on the week 1 program for an extra day. I've found that I love running outside, but it is definitely more challenging then running on a nice even track.

2. Ride my bike at least 3 days a week.

Along with this, my goal is to ask myself "do I really need to drive?" I live in a small(ish) town, and virtually anywhere I go within the town, I can get to by bike. So, I'm going to start driving less and riding more. Most, if not all, of these bike rides are with my kids in the Chariot.

3. Complete my swimming class.

I did my first lesson this past Saturday and it went well, although a little slow moving. I'm nowhere near ready to start swimming laps yet, but I hope I will be by the time the lesson is finished.

4. Get to the mountains for a hike at least 3 times.

The biggest reason my family made the decision to move to this town is the proximity to the mountains. There's four weekends in June, so that means, we're heading to the mountains at least 3 days out of those weekends. We got out two weeks ago and discovered that my son is still willing to ride in the carrier, so while we'll let the kids down to run around for part of the hike, we can still get a decent hike in while going at an adult's pace. The extra weight we carry will help us to train for backpacking!

My husband gets the heavier child, with 38 pounds of child, plus the carrier and gear, he's got about 50 pounds...

I get the lighter load. My daughter's about 10 pounds lighter, so I'm only taking around 40 pounds.

You may notice that I didn't have any food goals in that list. I'm not discounting the role food plays in weight loss, but I've got specific reasons for leaving it out of my goals which I'll talk about tomorrow.


  1. I love what you said about setting goals for things to do, not things to happen. I think that way you'll feel more in control. We can't always control how quickly we lose weight so that can set us up for failure, but you can plan an event for a particular day and follow through. You will most likely find a great sense of accomplishment from this too. Love this idea.

  2. Great goals! I think your strategy of goal setting as things you do is brilliant. Sometimes it just doesn't matter how vigilant you are with your food choices and how much activity you get in, the scale just doesn't move. I think this approach to setting goals definitely cuts out the feeling like a failure, and also helps with reframing thoughts. It's not just about the number on the scale!