Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Do you ever turn back once you start your run?

This morning, I did an early run. I rolled out of bed, got dressed, checked the temperature, and headed out.

What I didn't check was the wind.

We have a chinook rolling in. (For those of you that don't live here, it means we get wind and warmer weather in the middle of winter. Chinooks can raise the temperature by 15-20 degrees.) The problem is, the warmer temperatures aren't here yet. The winds are.

What I figured would be a fairly comfortable -10c (14f) was instead a brutal, wind and snow in my face, type run. Really what I needed was another layer, but I didn't want to go back home to get it. I felt like if I went home, I wasn't sure I'd leave again. In fact, I was considering doing just that. Granted, I was contemplating going home and biking on my trainer, so it wouldn't be a complete loss. BUT, I need to run. I feel the difference when I skip runs, and I am training for a half marathon, which I'll be doing before any of my triathlons.

So, I toughed it out. I found out that the wind wasn't so bad when I was going in the other direction. My morning runs are on sidewalks, up and down streets, so I was never in the wind for too long at once (never out of it too long either). I considered it and decided that it wasn't a safety issue to keep going with the clothing I had on.

In the end, I finished my planned 6 km (3.7mi). When I got home, I checked the windchill, and it was -20c (-4f). Definitely a temperature I can run in, but another layer would have been appreciated.

I think I'm going to have to get over my desire not to have to go back home though. There are going to be times I forget things that I really need. In fact, having proper clothing is a very good reason to pop back into the house before carrying on.

I'm tough enough to run in -30c (-22f). That means I surely have enough mental strength to go back out of the house even though I went in.

What about you? Ever turn back? Do you go back out after?


  1. I have never run at all - let alone started and turned back. I am always so amazed when I hear about runners...Way to go

  2. Do you have a windbreaker Deb? Everyone I know says the Resolution jacket isn't great if it is super windy, unless under a wind breaker.

    So far I have only had to go back home to drop off clothes (obviously in warmer temps!) and I usually just throw it on my driveway so I am not actually stopping at home!

    Good for you for sticking with the run.

  3. Crazy...yep you are crazy......

  4. I've only gone back if I was having pain, I battled an upset achilles for a while. I found if I got 1-2km in and it was bothering me that much I should go back. For clothes I've dumped them in trees if I was doing an out and back type run. Way to stick to it!!!!

  5. Good Morning Deb, I gave you some link love today...

    You have amazing fortitude to be able to run in -30c weather, AMAZING!