Friday, February 25, 2011

Hitting reset

The past few weeks have been rough for me. Not only was I sick, but so were my kids. If anything having a sick 2 and 3 year old is worse then being sick yourself. After getting somewhat used to regular sleep, I'm back to feeling fortunate if I only get woken up twice in a night. I'm tired, sometimes cranky and I've let things slide. The activity sliding was a necessary byproduct of a nasty chest cold. The nutrition sliding was me letting it.

I still eat mostly healthy. My house is no longer set up to fall fully off the wagon. But, a few trisquits here, a peanut butter sandwich instead of fruit for a snack there, a bigger then usual serving of pasta...

I hate to say it. I don't even want to admit it to myself, but I've left onederland. The place I swore I was in for good. After pledging that my weight would never again start with a "2". I'm back over that border. And, it's time to kick that two to kingdom-come.

Mel, at Tall Mom on the Run recently wrote a post that resonated with me. If there was a blogger that I wanted to be, it would probably be Mel. She's real and genuine. She struggles, and unlike me, blogs through the struggles rather then after. Physically, I look at her and she's a role model. There aren't many women as tall as me, so her body type is one that actually seems comparable to mine. She's not stick thin either, which I know I never will be. She runs, and she's an amazing runner. I don't think she'll jump on the tri wagon, but we'll forgive her for that. She popped out of Onederland briefly and is back in. (Yay Mel!)

She mentioned a post from another of my favourite bloggers, Tricia. Tricia talks about the reset theory, and I'm absolutely stealing it. At first, I was going to name this post "a fresh start", but I decided against that. I'm not starting over, because I have come way too far. But, I am hitting reset.

I'm going to make my workouts count. I'm going to eat my fruits and vegetables, watch my portion sizes. I'm going to return to onederland, and then I'm going to make my way to a healthy weight. I may not always sleep the best, and I will surely be sick again. But today, I am making good choices, and I will continue to make those choices tomorrow and onwards.


  1. Wow this is AMAZING.. I truly cannot believe the kind words from someone I have never met.. I just because your 100th follower..

    And FYI if you know of any indoor tri's I am in.. I need a swimming lane to myself and a stationary bike..

    HUGS!! We can make it!!

  2. you are doing awesome Deb. We all fluctuate. Keep at it. Go Deb Go, Go Deb Go!


  3. Good for you for blogging about this minor setback. You will be back in the ones soon. You are seriously stronger than me!

  4. Hi Deb,
    I follow your blog and it is very inspiring. I have been on this weight loss regime for 1 month and my weight seems to be in plateau all along. May be I lost 1.5lbs. I workout everyday for 50 minutes at the gym and eat sensibly. Any advise?