Thursday, April 28, 2011

Dropping the last 20 - tracking and kicking sugar.

It's time to go into weight loss mode again. I really want to kick these last 20 pounds that are between me and healthy. I've been sitting at 45 lost long enough. I'm looking better, but I'm not looking good. More importantly, I can feel the difference in my running with the weight I've already lost. The potential to lose another 20+ pounds is like a gift of free speed. I'd be a fool to pass on that.

I am the queen of maintaining my weight. Throughout my weight loss journey, I've settled at numerous different weights. I stop tracking what I eat and let things slide a bit. I don't gain any back, but I don't keep losing either. That should serve me well when I get to a healthy point.

I feel like I'm at a solid place to make it happen. I've been very consistent with my training the last week and I'm feeling great physically. Feeling good about yourself is a great motivator. As well, for all that I believe exercise doesn't make you lose weight, it does keep me in the right mindset. It also helps when I'm training 9 times a week, because I always have to be aware of how my nutrition choices will affect my next workout.

There's two main strategies that I'll be employing here.

1. Tracking my food and controlling my portion sizes. For me, this is a key factor that defines the difference between weight loss and weight maintenance. When I no longer need to lose weight, perhaps I will be able to stop tracking most of the time. When I want to drop the pounds, it's vital.

2. Kicking the refined sugar and carbs.

I have a problem with sugar. I won't even try to deny it. Once I go without for a while, I can resist it, but when it's in my system, I want it, and I want more. Some people give into a craving and then they're good. If I give in to a sugar craving, it doesn't satisfy me; it simply makes me want more and more and more.

So, one week NO refined carbs. I've done this before, and it isn't easy. I have to plan really well so that I'm not grabbing food on the go. It means avoiding things like ketchup and most condiments. Fortunately, all the Easter deserts are gone now, and the kids finished their chocolate eggs yesterday (not that they got many; we keep the candy light for the kids.) My husband has left a chocolate Oh Henry egg in the fridge, but he'll take that with him to work tomorrow, right darlin'?

After that, I'll go easy on reading every label, but still no sweets. No chocolate, or rice krispie squares; no pastries or cookies. Fruit is good. Baked stuff, not so much.

Fortunately, I'm already set up for this. I make my own bread and it's whole grain. We only have whole wheat pasta in the house, brown rice, quinoa, etc...

I am currently 198 pounds. On my wedding day five and a half years ago, I weighed 190. When I get back there, I'll throw that wedding dress on and take some pictures.


  1. Tracking is always a jump start for me. I need to get back at it myself.

  2. Tracking food always helps me. Not necessarily tracking calories but just keeping a little notebook of what I eat because if I am accountable, I tend to make much better choices.

  3. Upcoming race season should be good motivation! You are right- it is so important to be prepared with healthy foods on hand!

  4. Are you me? I could have written so need to get ride of the junk and start tracking...

  5. I missed this post. I too am eliminating sugar - at least for the month of May. It will be nice to know someone else out there is doing it too. I will be such a struggle for me as I am totally addicted to sweets!