Friday, June 3, 2011

Crazy approaching...

One day until my first triathlon. Current weather forecast: Cloudy periods, high of 18c (64f). Current mood: approaching crazy lady status.

With less then a day to go before my first triathlon, I'm slowly becoming crazy. I did a short swim today to remind myself that I am, indeed, capable of swimming.

I came home to organize everything and put yankz onto my shoes. Then I remembered that would be crazy. I really shouldn't change my lacing system the day before my first race. So, I will lose 10 seconds or so in T2 to tie my shoes with normal laces.

Then I have to decide which socks to take. Yes, I will wear socks. I know some people bike and run in bare feet, but I never have and am not going to start on race day.

Should I bring an extra pair of shoes to walk around in beforehand? Or can I do that in my running shoes? Does this race supply swim caps? It doesn't say they do, and it is a pool swim, so I better bring my own to be sure.

Don't forget my bike pump. Helmets. I better bring an extra pair of socks, just in case. Should I leave the extra pair of socks in transition, or just have it in the car beforehand?

Don't forget the sunscreen. And bodyglide. Bodyglide is critical.

I can do these distances right?

Will I fall off my bike at the mount or dismount line? What if I fall down while running? Now, that would be really embarrassing. Lots of people fall over in clipless pedals, but it takes special talent to fall over running. I am talented, but am I that talented?

Oh right, goals?

My goal is to finish. My second goal is to finish with a smile on my face. My third goal is to have fun and finish with a smile on my face.

Wish me luck! Or don't wish me luck; tell me to break a leg! Ack, this isn't theatre. Luck is fine. Or better yet, tell me to rejoin normal person land.


  1. One thing I learned (last year @ Wasa Tri) about each leg I had NO idea about:
    Swim - do your best to catch your breath as soon as you hit the water, tell yourself to "breathe" (I was almost hyperventilating... been told its mostly adreneline, I think it was nerves!)
    Bike - make sure your helmet is first thing on. You can get disqualified if its not on/fastened when before you mount!
    Run - run like the wind!! This is the easiest part and if you did your Brick training you'll be fine, you'll probably surprise yourself with a PB 5km time!

    Good luck tomorrow!!

  2. Clipless Pedal Primer today on RoadBikeRider:

  3. As they said at the Ballet - 'Merde!'

  4. Break a leg...or whatever you want to hear that makes you feel good about tomorrow!!! You will KILL THIS!!! I know you will reach all three goals.
    Can't wait to read all about it!

  5. You will do GREAT!!! Just breathe. I always just bring a pair of flip flops to hang out in before the start of the race so I can quickly take them off before the swim. Don't forget to take off your bike helmet before the run :)

    You've got this!! No worries!

  6. EEEK!!! I'm so excited for you! I think first races are awesome! Just to add to you little list, do you have someone to take a few pictures of you? Or do they have photographers at the race? You'll definitely want some photographic evidence/memories of the first one. Buena Suerte!

  7. You're probably already on your way. Vulcan is fun, it was nearly my very first tri as well, but it got rained out. Sigh. You'll be fine. Relax, don't let the time pressure or madness of the other participants get to you. Just do your thing.

  8. Thinking about you (and Spud!) today. Keep breathing and stay strong. You've got this!

    Can't wait to hear all about it afterwards.