Thursday, June 2, 2011

Three things Thursday

2 days until my first triathlon. Current weather forecast: Variable cloudiness with a high of 16c (61f).

1. Yesterday I was at the pool. I'd just jumped into the one empty lane. There are 4 lanes at my pool and the other lanes just had one person each. As I was fiddling with my goggles, a bunch of newbies came out of the change rooms.

Don't get me wrong, I don't mind sharing a lane - if the person has a basic understanding and respect of lane etiquette. Even when I was a newbie (not so long ago), I made sure I had that. Two of the people coming out, I have seen swimming before, and they certainly lacked any kind of etiquette. The others were question marks, but I knew I would rather not have them in the same lane as me if I wanted to have a smooth workout.

The woman beside me obviously observed the same thing. She's a nice lady whom I have chatted with occasionally. She's also a triathlete, and an ironman. Without missing a beat she smiled at me and asked if I would join her lane. I am not even close to being an ironman, and can't (yet) claim the title of triathlete, but it was neat to see that I am now considered a good lane partner by one.

2. I took mine and my son's bike in for the bike check today. The upcoming triathlon is seeming very real. I forgot to re-engage the front brake after I took my bike out of the car. (I have to take the wheels off to get it in the back of the car.

Note to self: make sure to re-engage brakes on race day. Otherwise, I might end up even faster then intended...
This is an old picture, from a time period when my apple of choice was golden delicious.

3. I am currently addicted to apples with peanut butter. It satisfies most of the cravings I get. It's sweet, but still has a richness to it. The peanut butter is natural, so there's no added salt, but somehow it also satisfies me if I am craving something salty. My apple of choice right now is gala apples. What is your favourite kind of apple?


  1. I love gala apples too!

  2. organic gala all the way!
    Good luck on Saturday. Enjoy the experience while you're sweating! ;) Can't wait to hear all about it!

  3. Good luck Deb...will be cheering you (and a few others I know doing the race too, including their youngin's...which i hope to get my twins to do one day too!) You will rock it, relax and enjoy this journey! xo