Monday, June 13, 2011

Thoughts while driving

Hello all!

Posts will be sporadic for the next couple weeks while I'm travelling. I do have some internet access, but not regularly. Plus during our family vacation, I am trying to spend time with my family. Having said that, a couple thoughts/comments had while driving:

Me: These shoulders are horrible! (on the road) What if I wanted to ride my bike here?
My husband: Then you'd have way too much energy after driving for 10 hours.

Me: There's no sidewalks? Where am I supposed to run?

You know you're a triathlete when...


  1. Love it!!!

    You have been completely brainwashed!!

  2. When driving, I always think about when I would shift going up hills if I was on the bike. I can't help myself.

  3. Haha, thanks for the smile, hope you're enjoying your vacation :-).