Thursday, June 9, 2011

Three things Thursday

1. This is the last week of Spud's school and then we are going away for three weeks to visit family in Manitoba and Ontario.

The other thing this means is we are going from a drizzly spring to a HOT summer. Today, it's cooler then it has been in Ontario, and it's currently 25c (77f) with a humidex of 31c (88f). The warmest it's been here so far has been about 20c (68f). It was up to 40c (100f) in Ontario with the humidex when I checked earlier this week. We don't even get enough humidity to have a humidex published on our weather site. In fact, I had never even heard the term until I read about it on some blogs last year.

Yes, I know everyone in the blogosphere is already suffering from the heat. I'm about to join you and I don't know how I will handle it! 4:00 am runs?

2. I started drinking coffee again and I love it

Coffee and I have had an on again - off again affair for the last couple decades. Every so often I decide I should quit drinking it because I'm too addicted. Last time was a couple years ago because it was giving me tummy issues. Of course, I had just had my gall bladder taken out, and everything was giving me tummy issues.

I'm not even a first thing in the morning coffee drinker, but I love it mid morning or late afternoon. Right now, I just have a french press, but I lust after single serve coffee makers...

3. I still haven't settled on a blog name for my husband

I used "Mountain man" a few times, since I've called him that in real life for years. I don't feel like it's working on my blog though. Plus, Jen, one of my best bloggy buddies (who has just revived her blog!) calls her guy Mountain man too, so it seems a little weird.

So, for now, you'll continue to see him referred to as the husband, or Daddy, or whatever I feel like at the moment.


  1. Why don't you just call him by his name? I've never really understood the blog names people have for their husbands unless it's some kind of secret thing? I'm not sure.

  2. Have a great time on your trip!! Don't envy the humidity one bit! I love the fact that mornings and nights cool enough around here to workout in.

  3. Wishing you a great roadtrip! Hope that Spud and Sweetpea are good travellers!

    Let me know if you're coming to Toronto - we have great coffee, nice parks and a ton of good places to go running!