Monday, July 30, 2012

The short version - Race results for Calgary 70.3

Yesterday was a great day!  I will end the suspense, and announce that I have now completed my first half ironman.  The swim was solid, and on the bike I just had so much fun.  The run was tough, but I got through it.

After the race I commented to a friend that it really hurt at the end.  She just looked at me with a puzzled expression and asked if I expected it not to.  Thinking about it, I somehow hadn't really realized it would.  I expected it to be hard, but not necessarily hurt that much.  Not sure what I was thinking.

The quick results are as follows:

Swim: 49:00
T1: 4:42
Bike: 3:37:18
T2: 4:25
Run: 2:33:58

When it comes to race execution, there are some things that I am completely happy about, and other things that I'll learn from.  There's not a single thing that I would change (okay, I wouldn't get lost in T2, but in my defense, with it being a point to point race, I never got to see T2 beforehand).  For my first half iron distance race, it was a great day!


  1. Can't wait to read all about it. How exciting for you! LOL about not expecting it to hurt.

  2. You did awesome! Great job Deb!!!

  3. Congrats! You did fantastic!

    Excited for your race report!!!

  4. Bravo! Impressive...


  5. Congrats half iron woman! Nice job!

  6. It hurt, but that makes it so much more awesome! Way to go!

  7. WOW Deb! you really did amazing :) I'm so proud of you and glad I visited :D wouldn't want to miss your recap. Ihave only swam I'm going for my first "real" swim workout tonight....I'm scared.