Thursday, July 26, 2012

Three Things Thursday

1. Taper madness

I've actually done surprisingly well with taper madness.  I haven't been going too crazy and I've been keeping things somewhat together.  Yesterday, I misplaced my garmin, but rather then panicking too much, went for a run with my husband's (aka, my old one).  Fortunately, while I am a loser of objects, my husband is the finder in our relationship, and he located it for me.  My knee and ankle were niggling at me, but I've attributed it to me just being crazy.  Still eating well, not randomly losing my temper or having nightly meltdowns, so I think I'm doing okay.

2. Weather obsession

I know very well that I am not the only one that starts checking race day weather as soon as it appears in the 14 day weather trend.  Then, once it's in the 7 day forecast, game on.  Now that I am 3 days away from race day (holy crap, three days?  THREE DAYS?!), the weather forecast might actually mean something.

Current forecast: Sunny with a high of 25c (77f).  A little warm (I know any of you from the southern states or Hawaii will laugh at that statement).  Runnable warm though, and thankfully, no current call for rain.  I don't care if rains on the run, but really hoping it doesn't on the swim or bike.

3. A new name?

My sister and brother-in-law are currently here (from China, so awesome to see them.)  They raised the fact that calling Sunday's race a "Half Ironman" is misleading.  It's like saying it's half of something, or isn't very significant.  And while a half ironman is indeed half of something, it's still pretty impressive distances, in it's own right, and takes longer then a marathon.

Their suggestion?  The IronDwarf.  Admittedly smaller then an Ironman, but still a worthy opponent.


  1. Hmm, not sure about irondwarf but I have a friend who dubbed the half-marathon a "veneton" ("ventuno" is 21 in Italian). It's actually used quite widely amongst a lot of my running friends! (She hated the idea that it was "just a half" too!)

  2. IronDwarf? How about IronKid?? Nah, neither sounds very appealing to these ears. Maybe instead of IronMan, the half should be BronzeMan? Oh we could debate this for days...


  3. Actually, the right term is Aluminaman. Aluminum being half the weight of Iron.

    For sure won't be racing, but am planning to be cheering. Listen for the obnoxious cow bells!

  4. Sounds like the taper is going well. The niggles feel weird, I just keep telling myself, that is my body healing. Seemed to work for me.

    I like calling a half a 70.3 since 70.3 miles is a significant distance. Of course you will need to covert that to km's :-).

  5. Good luck this weekend Deb!!! I can't wait to hear about it and know you will kill it!

  6. Good luck on Sunday! I will be at aid station #1 on the run course, so I will be looking out for you!

  7. Yikes! You are down to the wire.

    I prefer calling the race "70.3".