Thursday, August 19, 2010

3 things Thursday

I've decided to steal this post from a few other blogs I read. I'm not sure who started the 3 Things Thursday, but it's a good idea. Maybe Tall Mom?

1. I'm now running in full dark. When I started my early morning runs, I usually ran at sunrise. Then for a while, at least the sky was light. Now, for all intents and purposes, it's still night time out there. In fact, last night I rode my bike home from the pool after sunset and was out this morning before sunrise to run.

2. Last night I was able to do 3 laps (6 lengths) of the pool, in front crawl, without taking a break or switching to back crawl. This is a new milestone for me, as my previous maximum was 2 laps.

3. I'm starting to see every area of my life as being connected to attaining a healthy weight. If my kitchen is clean and I'm keeping my kids busy, I tend to eat healthy, balanced snacks and meals. When my home becomes a disaster and I let them watch too much tv, I tend to eat my boredom and get mopey.


  1. All those things in #3... those are NSV's, enjoy those non-scale victories.I find them more satisfying than what the scale says.

  2. The same for me with the kitchen! Clean = healthy and dirty kitchen = dirty, fattening food! I think the guilt can hide in the crumbs on the counter or something.

  3. Deb, I've said it many times, many way, but I will repeat myself: I admire you so much for your triathlon goal and the activities you are doing toward it!

    A runner in the dark and a three-lap swimmer. WOWSER!!

  4. I'm with ya on #1 and #3.

    Its my goal once school starts again that I can take that time to be more organized with my meal planning and keeping things tidy so I'm setting good examples for my children.