Monday, August 30, 2010

Sometimes the scale gives you what you deserve...

...and this is one of those weeks.

So, we all know that there are times the scale completely screws you over. You had a great week, eating well and exercising. Then that scale shows you a number that's the same or even up. Other weeks, you fall off track, but amazingly still see a loss on the scale. Overall, it averages out. But, in the short run, the scale doesn't always give a "fair" number.

Having said that, I'm happy to say that this week, I got what I deserved.

After a week of staying on track, and tracking, I'm down to 218.8, for a weekly loss of 2.2 pounds and a total loss of 25 pounds even. This time I deserved it. I nailed my workouts and achieved new milestones in both swimming and running. A great week for me.

I'm also out of the 220s, a big deal for me. 5 years ago was the year that I gained immense amounts of weight and hit 255 (pre-pregnancy). Since then, I have only ever gotten into the 220s, never below. I've spent a lot of time in that weight bracket, since it was my high weight the time before when I gained weight. I seem to pause and plateau in that weight bracket. I use the word "plateau" liberally though, because the plateaus are usually of my own doing and as a result of me getting mentally stuck.

So, goodbye 220s. We will never meet again.

And thanks for giving me what I deserve scale.


  1. Yay! Both of us are leaving those 220s behind! Bring it on 210! We are ready for ya!

    HUGE congrats!

  2. Awesome job getting over that milestone. I recently went past my "low weight" and the results are still coming. I'm way far away from that number and I'm sure you'll have the same experience. Goodbye 220s I'm sure you'll be in the 200s soon!!

  3. That is a great accomplishment!


    You've been chosen for the Cherry on Top award!
    Come over and collect it to pass it on.

  4. Good for you!! You are an inspiration!