Sunday, August 29, 2010

Sometimes you don't succeed

Yesterday, I went for a run. I've followed the C25K program for 8 weeks now, plus 2 weeks following it initially and a few weeks recovering from a knee injury.

It was supposed to be the day that I conquered the 5K, running the whole thing.

It didn't happen.

After a really bad night's sleep, I slept in (thanks to a truly wonderful husband). Then I got up and had a light breakfast. I'm trying to get used to running later on the weekends, since my race in a couple weeks won't be at 5:00am when I normally run. So, a few hours later I went for my run.

After my warm up walk, I started running. It was okay, but I was feeling a little off. Around 1 km in, my route took me past a washroom, and I thought perhaps that was what I needed, so I stopped in. No problem, I could start running again.

I went down the big hill. Running down hills is pretty neat. You start going really fast. Just let gravity take hold while you move your legs. Back to level ground and a steady run.

Not feeling so hot. I asked myself if it was just the little voice telling me I should stop. Was I just feeling tired? No. I was feeling faint. I was getting the feeling that I sometimes get while hiking. The feeling that says "stop now, or refuel". My body's way of telling me that if I didn't stop, it was going to stop me.

I stopped and walked.

I started running a few more times, but every time, within a minute or so, I started getting the fuzz in front of my eyes and the light feeling in my head. I have fainted before, and I'm familiar with how it feels. I wasn't eager to keel over on the pathway. So, I walked the rest of the way home.

See, in my infinite wisdom, I had gotten up 3 hours later then usual, eaten a breakfast much smaller then usual, then gone for a run a few hours later without eating anything more. Even when I go for my 5:00am runs, I put a little something into my stomach prior to leaving.

Sometimes, you don't achieve the goals you set out for yourself. Sometimes you don't succeed. In many ways these moments are the ones that shape us far more then our successes.

So what now?

Now, I go for another run this morning. Normally, I wouldn't run two days in a row, but tomorrow's a rest day anyways, so I'll have a day off before my next run. And yesterday, I don't feel like the running I did pounded my body enough to prevent me from running on a subsequent day.

Today will be the day that I conquer the C25K.

I'll remember to eat first.


  1. Now you know that you need to eat before you run on race day. The world didn't end and you learned a lot. Great post.

  2. You know what Thomas Edison said when told he failed so often while inventing the light bulb, "I haven't failed, I've found 10,000 ways that don't work"... so you didn't complete the run on this attempt, you didn't fail though either. You get to try again, and you'llhave all of your previous experiences along with you when you do. Go gett'em!