Thursday, August 26, 2010

Three things Thursday

Is it Thursday again already? Clearly, I have not been blogging enough, since there are only two posts since my last Thursday one.

1. I finished my final 4.5 km run this morning, which means my next run will be 5K! The C25K program has worked fabulously for me. I remember back to my second week and thinking those 90 minute running segments were brutal. Now, in two days I'll be running a non-stop 5K!

2. I had my tomatillo a few days ago, and to be honest: meh. It was okay, but not terribly impressive. I googled what to do with it, and the biggest thing I found was that people use it to make salsa verde, or other mexican sauces.

Ultimately, I decided to eat it naked. I enjoy most fruits and vegetables that way and I think it's important to be able to eat produce without embellishment. Plus, I wanted to really taste it. It was pretty tangy and to be honest, a bit sour. I may get them again and try one of the sauces I can make with it, but I won't be getting them to eat on their own or in salads.

3. My goggles are really bugging me. They don't seal well, particularly when I wear my swim cap. Any tips on how to wear goggles and a swim cap together? These aren't super cheap goggles: aqua sphere ones. Not terribly expensive, but enough that they should be decent.


  1. C25K is almost in the bag, so exciting!!

    A tomatillo is good for just about that; salsa & sauces. Not much else as I see it. No doubt I am wrong and some real Foodie must have a better use for it.

  2. Wow - I am impressed with your mad running skills. I hope to be where you are in the near future!

  3. Wow- almost done C25K!!! That must feel great.

    Good to know about the tomatillo- I probably wouldn't eat it by itself.

    Goggles- hmmm have they always fit this way? If so, they might not be the best fit for you (which sucks because they are $$). I do find I need to make sure my goggles don't overlap on my cap (other than the strap). I make sure they suction tight before getting into the water. Sometimes I have to fiddle with them but water shouldn't be coming in.
    I have never actually worn my goggles without a cap...

  4. Way to go on the C25K progress. So awesome. I am going to try it down the road. I just don't think at my weight it would be advisable.

    While reading your post when I saw goggles, my brain read it as googles Google ingrained in our heads, or what?

  5. I saw googles, too!

    That's great that the training program worked out so well for you. 5k, here Deb comes!

    Like your new profile pic, too!

  6. Wohoo your ready to rock the 5k!