Monday, August 2, 2010

August Goals

So, the last two months, I've started setting specific goals. I like what it does for me. Even when I haven't achieved everything exactly how I planned, I've learned from it. Either I've learned that I am capable of much more then I thought, or I've recognized areas that I need to work harder.

I have come to one major conclusion in the last few weeks. I am not losing weight at the rate I would like to. Since January, I have lost a grand total of about 20 pounds. (Progress picture soon to come, since I haven't done the 20 pound one.) I am not going to whine or complain. I had hoped to reach the weight I was at, when I was married, by my fifth anniversary - which happens in 5 days. That isn't going to happen. I am around 30 pounds away from that.

Having said that, I am the one that has the power to change that. I can't change what I have done, but I can change what I will do. Over the rest of this year, I intend to start dropping the pounds as I increase my fitness level.

I still will not make one of my monthly goals a weight loss one. I believe firmly in setting goals for things I want to do, rather then things I want to have happen. Weight loss is something that will happen as a result of following through on my other goals.

The next month is one in which my routine becomes a little more normal again. Aside from this week: In a few days, my husband and I are going for a 3 day backpacking trip for our anniversary. After that, we're home, and there aren't any more significant disruptions to our routine.

Without further ado, my goals:

1. Track my food intake everyday.

Last month, I had a goal to track my food intake 5 out of 7 days. The very first mistake I made in achieving this goal was in how I set it. I allowed for failure right away by not giving myself credit to be able to do it every day. At this point, food tracking is something that needs to be a habit. One doesn't create a habit with inconsistency.

This is also the first goal because, if I'm serious about losing weight, it is the most important step.

2. Run 3 days a week, Bike 3 days a week, Swim 3 days a week.

Yesterday, I suggested that I should have broken this into three goals, yet here it is in one. Today, I actually considered not including it as a goal, as it is almost a habit or a routine. It's also something enjoy and want to do. Having said that, it takes a long time to make something into a true habit, and I think I still need to be focused on keeping it part of my routine.

3. Time how long it takes for me to swim 500 metres.

Most sprint triathlons are about 500 metres for the swim. Even though I am 3/4 of a year away from my first triathlon, I would like to have a benchmark. A time that I can work to improve. I also know I am now capable of swimming 500 metres. I may have to switch to backstroke for part of it, but I have done it, and can do it again.

4. Keep my dishes up and keep the island in my kitchen clean.

A bizarre goal to include on a weight loss blog? Kind of, but not really. For one, all areas of life are connected, and when you start letting chaos intrude into your home, it becomes very easy to let it intrude into your health and fitness routines. For another, the kitchen is the hub of food preparations. I am far more likely to cut up fruits and vegetables if there is a clean knife and cutting board handy and there is room on the counter to use it.

5. Hike to Floe Lake in Kootenay park.

My husband and I are doing one end of the trail we did for our honeymoon. It's about 10 km with about 1000 metres of elevation gain. We'll also be carrying packs that weigh about 50 pounds. The middle day, we'll be hiking up to a pass that has spectacular views.

For me, backpacking is one of those times when my body becomes very clear about it's needs. I don't overeat, because I don't need digestive issues while hiking. I don't under eat, because my body literally shuts down and becomes incapable of hiking. I do eat a lot of food, and feel no guilt. It's nutrient dense, mostly clean foods, and home made.

I'm looking forward to August being a turning point for me. Up till now, I've come to know myself a lot better and figured out what is making me tick. I've discovered a love for activity and learned to run and swim. Now, it's time to lose the pounds so that my body is capable of everything I want to put it through.

What are your goals for the month?


  1. AHHH a triathlon, that's awesome!

    As for your kitchen goals, having a clean organized kitchen makes a world of difference I find!

  2. Deb, I'm so envious of your backpacking trip. I haven't been hiking since July 4th weekend - probably a record! It has just been too miserably hot even at the highest elevations in the Smokies. Strange weather year!

    Great goals for August!

  3. What do you use to track your food Deb? Do you use a website (like sparkpeople), or just a paper and pencil? Or are you on WW?

    I'm asking because I think I need to get back to tracking, but I'm not interested in doing WW again.


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