Tuesday, December 13, 2011

I'm not really that tough

Last winter, I ran on some brutally cold days.  I had Yak Trax (which ended up breaking) and would even run on some relatively slippery days.  If I had to get a run in, I generally sucked it up and did it.

But here's the thing, I'm not really that tough.  This winter, I'm having trouble getting out when it's -15c (5f).  What am I going to do when it's -30c (-22f)?  Then there's the slippery aspect of things in the winter.

On Sunday I ran.  It wasn't that cold, but there was a good layer of snow over top of some ice that had developed the previous day.  I was testing out some new traction aids (which failed).  At one point, I managed to roll my ankle (that wasn't due to the failure of the traction aids, but the fact that I couldn't see the pathway and by accident stepped on the edge of it).  At another, I slipped on some of that ice (which I couldn't see) despite my traction aids.  I wasn't hurt, but it does demonstrate the need to be much more careful out there.  Ice covered by snow is probably the worst traction situation out there.

So, Santa, myself and my husband have consulted.  This fitness machine has been demoted to the storage room.
There's actually still room to use it in there.  We have a big storage room.
Something else will take it's place.  No worries, I will still run outside.  Probably not on too many -30 days though. 

I might not be tough, but I'm also not going to be lazy.

Yesterday's HBBC points: 7 (60 minute swim, f/v)
Week to date: 10
Total: 104 (Yipee, I broke 100!)


  1. I have treadmill in the house that I NEVER use. Weather is almost always good for running here in Hawaii. I use mine to hang clothes on!

    I can't imagine running in 5 degree weather. Heck, my brain blows up just trying to fathom those temps below zero. The coldest I have run in was about 34 degrees. Actually, I liked it because I can run faster. However, I don't think I would do well anywhere below 30.

    I hope your ankle gets better.

  2. i find that we have been totally spoiled this season with decent weather. while i've been known to run in crazy weather even I have a hard time now. we just need to climatize...with our chinooks...its hard to do this year I find. Yep, treadmill can be a VERY good friend to the mommy who is also a runner ;) Good work! glad you found one!

  3. You are tough! It goes much below 30 deg and I'm wimping...single digits..no way.

    I've actually for the first time been giving some thought to a TM.

  4. gah, you are making me feel bad...i wimp out when it's around 0 degrees...that's cold for us wimpy victorians!

  5. Exciting!!! I much prefer to run outside, with company but if the conditions or my schedule don't allow for it, having a treadmill is a life saver!

    There is a difference between being tough and being stupid. Cold is one thing, but ice and snow-covered pathways are another. A broken ankle will derail your training for far longer than a snowfall.

  6. Wow, I thought I was all big and bad with my 18F cutoff...I am curious to hear what kind of tready you end up with...I kind of want to get one here too...

    Good luck!