Friday, December 2, 2011

Just one mile

This evening, I went out and ran a mile.  Just one.

It's part of my quest to streak through the month of December.  Truthfully, I'm looking at it as an experiment.  I don't know how it will go, and I am not 100% sure I will make it the whole month.  I will battle laziness to do at least a mile a day, but I won't risk injury.  I think I might learn something about myself and my running style.  We'll see where it takes me.

Today is the second day of my streak, but it is the first day I ran just one mile, the minimum and what I plan to do about 3 days a week.  I simultaneously liked it and disliked it.

It was pretty easy to convince myself to get out the door.  Just one mile.  That's nothing.  I can do that.  Sure, it's cold out, but I can dress a bit more heavily.  I'm not going long enough to worry about overheating.  I can't remember the last time I ran so little.  Normally, my shortest run is 3 km, and those are few and far between.

But, it's not all perfect.  I shortchanged my warm up.  Normally, I walk about half a kilometer to warm up.  Today, I didn't bother.  It's hard to spend that much time warming up for such a short run.  I did take the beginning of the run slow though.

The other aspect I'm not sure I love is: the getting into a groove part.  It's not unusual for me to dislike the first 10 minutes of a run.  So, when I'm running 1 mile?  Well, that takes me 10-11 minutes.  Basically, I'm getting into the groove as I'm wrapping up.

Yes, I can do more.  But, since I'm not used to running 7 days a week, one of the things I'm doing to avoid injury is holding it to just 1 mile on some of those days.  We'll see...

Today's HBBC points: 7 (1 mile run, 50 minute swim, f/v)
Week 2 points: 28
Total: 66
Days of running streak: 2

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  1. Like you one mile would be tough...getting all dressed and getting out there. I think I would be easier if I had a TM to hop on real quick but that first mile just almost always sucks.