Thursday, December 15, 2011

Then again, tough is relative

In my last post, I admitted to getting a treadmill, because I'm just not feeling tough enough to run in all the cold temperatures and on slippery surfaces this year.  In the comments, many of you felt I was already pretty tough for running in -15c (5f), let alone the -30c (-22f) I have run in at times.

On the other hand, I know there are some that probably do think I'm a wimp.  If there's one person that might call me a wimp for the treadmill purchase, it would be Keith. ;)  I can forgive that though, as he lives in the same climate as I do, so he can legitimately claim to be tough.

I have to admit that I giggle a little when I see some of the southern bloggers complaining about the temperatures when they drop below freezing.  Truthfully, my favourite temperature to run in is probably right around freezing, as long as there is no ice.  On the flip side, I give you all permission to giggle in the summer when I complain that the temperatures hit 25c (79f).  I find that really hot to run in.  And no, we don't tend to get that much humidity here, so I can't even blame that...

In my defense the treadmill isn't just for cold weather.  Truthfully, I think the biggest benefit is that it opens up my training time.  With young kids, I can't run unless my husband is home, even when they are sleeping.  Now, I can run at anytime.  His work keeps threatening (ahem, talking about) sending him on a business trip.  This takes away a lot of my anxiety about how to fit in training if that happens.

Don't worry, I know it's not the same as running outside!  I'll still do lots of that, even in cold temps.  But, when I can't, for whatever reason, it's nice to know that I can still run.


  1. some people have NO idea what its like to have a 24/7 job like you have so by buying a treadmill to help you train for your HALF IRONMAN while being the wife, cook, maid, nurse, mom, sister, friend, daughter, etc. while training for this amazing 3 part race. (Here's my b*tch rant...I am not even training officially yet and most nights and weekends, after I've been working all day, with my DH sitting in his arse upstairs watching NFL or whatever else, my kids are downstairs playing around me as I bike and run or work on my TRX (core conditioning at its finest))

    Deb, you ARE SMART, you're setting yourself up to WIN...and running inside with the demands of kids or outside with demands of Mother nature, EITHER will make you a stronger YOU!

    OH and look at what your kids are doing, watching you GET FIT and HAVING FUN!!! :D

  2. "Truthfully, I think the biggest benefit is that it opens up my training time. With young kids, I can't run unless my husband is home, even when they are sleeping. Now, I can run at anytime."

    Dingdingding, we have a winner!

  3. Truthfully, I feel super blessed that my kids (7.5 and 10.5) are now just about old enough that I can leave the house for a very short walk/run (with a phone so they can call me or they can call neighbors if there is an issue) without my husband having to be home (have only done it a few times when he was on night shift and a couple times I took the youngest to my neighbor's so I could go longer). You are way tougher than me with the cold. What do you do at those freezing temps to keep your lungs from hurting with the cold air? My husband got rid of a treadmill we had several years ago and I am regretting it a little right now. :(

  4. Ignore Keith!! He just likes to egg people on! Maybe Keith isn't mentally tough enough for a treadmill run!! :)

  5. I think you are tougher for running on the treadmill. I hate it more than anything...ugh I hate it. I am running outside as much as possible. I just can't make myself stay on that dreaded treadmill and am hoping to avoid it most of the winter.

  6. Around here the treadmill is often used when it is too hot and humid outside. A lot of folks head to the gym for their runs on those sort of days.

  7. I can't say I love or even like running on my treadmill, but I LOVE that it ALLOWS me to run. I have two little kids too and getting outside just isn't always possible. When you have such big goals as you do, I think you're GENIUS for getting a treadmill to help you achieve them.