Saturday, May 25, 2013


Three years ago today, I ran for the first time.

Okay, maybe it wasn't the first time I ever ran.  I did play soccer for a bit in Junior high, and in high school, we were forced to do the "12 minute run".  I'm confident that while doing that, I probably ran for at least 12 consecutive seconds as I passed the phys ed teacher.

But, three years ago, I decided to do a triathlon, so I went for my first intentional run.  I was thrilled beyond belief that I could actually run for one straight minute.  Those steps set me on a course that I've continued on to this day.  One I never thought was possible, but with every step I've taken, I see more of the possibilities ahead of me.

Of course, today, I can't repeat what I did three years ago.  Right now, I'm taking some of the hardest steps I've had to take yet.  I'm waiting.  I'm exercising patience.  I'm letting the bone in my foot heal.  Today, I will take a different kind of step, in water, as I'll be doing my longest water run yet.

And, it's all part of the process.  I think this is the hardest test I've had yet.

A blog is a funny thing.  It's like a virtual memory, although granted only a memory of what you write.  Looking back, I can see that last year on this day, I couldn't run either.  I had a funny niggle (interestingly enough, in the same foot that I currently have the stress fracture).  I'll remember the current "niggle" a lot more clearly then that one, but in another few years, this one will just be one of the steps I took to get to where I'll be then.

I wouldn't change any of the steps of taken.  It's not just about running, it's about life. Those steps I took that day were steps away from my inhibitions.  They were steps towards my fears, and one step at a time, I ran right through those fears.  Those steps put me on a road towards self discovery and awareness.  Those steps helped me to believe in myself.

I'm going to keep taking steps.


  1. My motto is remember how far you have come and not as far I have to go.

  2. Absolutely! Couldn't say it better. You rock. Patience makes you stronger too.

  3. Lovely post! Thanks for sharing another step in your journey.

  4. Happy runniversary! This is just a little blip on your path as an athlete. You will be back running soon!!

  5. congrats on the runniversary!

    Hope you are healing well. My daughter has an almost stress fracture on her foot and her insanity due to lack of running is driving US nuts.

  6. One of my favorite mottos: KEEP MOVING FORWARD. congrats on the anniversary !