Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Water running and a new toy

So, it's official, I am embracing water running.  I've been given a choice.  I can just let go of running right now, and then start from square one, or I can water run, which will give me a headstart when I'm allowed to hit the pavement again.

I've chosen the headstart.  I've read articles of professional runners coming back from injuries and doing very well because they water ran.  If it works for them, it can work for me...

I've heard horror stories about the boredom of water running.  Then again, I've heard horror stories about the boredom of treadmill running.  As a mother of young kids, the treadmill in my basement has often allowed me to get a run in when it would otherwise be impossible.  Now, the water lets me get a "run" in when it is otherwise impossible.

The biggest battle is with boredom.  On the treadmill, I usually watch netflix, although when I do intervals, I sometimes just stick with music.

I considered setting up my tablet next to the pool, but I don't think they have wifi there.  Plus, I'd be pretty annoying if I started snapping at swimmers for splashing my tablet.  I needed another solution.

Isn't technology grand?  They now make waterproof cases for ipods.

My newest toy
Once I knew I had a stress fracture, I dropped a very strong hint of a gift idea to my husband.  Mother's day was about to arrive, after all, and I figured he'd probably like a suggestion...

There wasn't quite enough time for it to arrive before Mother's Day, but I got it shortly after.  The only hiccup in using it was when I realized it had really short cords for the headphones, as it's designed to be attached to goggles.  I thought it would look a bit silly to wear goggles for water running, so I went looking and found one of those elastic headbands that claim to be non slip (they aren't really non slip, but were enough for this purpose).

Unfortunately, you can't really see the headband because it's the same colour of my hair.
The headband worked perfectly, and I was good to go.  After doing a few water running sessions with only other swimmers to look at, the music made my last session whiz by.  It's a good thing too, because I boasted to Angie that I could take as much water running as she wanted to give me.  I'll be doing 1.5 hours of it this weekend, and methinks that time may just increase...


  1. That's a great idea - enjoy the new toy!

  2. That's the coolest thing I've ever seen for the pool! Water running is boring but it really does work. I ran in the pool for awhile when I was injured a couple years ago and it's amazing how well it keeps up your strength and endurance. It's boring but you get used to it. Does your pool have any water running classes? I did those and really grew to like them...

  3. My IMC coach Katie did a LOT of water running in her run up to that race, and she won her age group. I see her all the time water running. Move heaven and earth to get a buddy to show up at least part of the time. It goes even faster when chatting. When I was doing a bunch, I just turned my brain off and lapped the dive tank, again and again, passing the girl swimming breast stroke as often as possible.

  4. What a great Mother's Day gift! I have often thought of getting a waterproof MP3 player (I don't own an ipod so the case doesn't work for me). Swimming is just boring in a pool. If I ever had to resort to water running I'm sure it would be a must have! Heal up soon!

  5. I have one of those toys! Even swimming laps I find it a great thing to have as the pool is incredibly boring to me!