Friday, May 31, 2013

Then there's those moments you know that everything will be okay

Getting through this stress fracture has had many frustrating moments.  Last week, I had another one when I realized that my right calf muscle has shrunk.  Really shrunk.  There's not supposed to be anything wrong with my calf, but sticking it in a aircast while fixing the foot has had devastating consequences.

So, I went to see a physiotherapist this morning.  My doctor had told me not to worry about it until I was able to weight bear again, but I figured I needed to get a jump on it.  Do something, anything to try ease this loss of muscle.

It was reassuring.

Yes, my calf muscle is smaller.  I have some tight spots in my lower back, my hips, my other calf - largely caused just by walking in the aircast.  But, my flexibility is good.  Even the joints that have been stuck in the aircast have more mobility then she's used to seeing.  She credited the activity that I have continued to do, despite the injury.

I actually was feeling like an athlete again.  Sure, an injured athlete.  But, a recovering athlete.  An athlete that cares.  An athlete that will work through this.  She asked me what my goals are.  Primarily, to get back to running.  I accept that I will have to walk before I can run.  But, soon, I intend to run.

She reassured me that the muscle can recover fairly quickly.  She gave me some strength work and some stretching work that I can do right away.  I go see my doctor next week, and I'm hoping it will open more possibilities.  One step at a time.

I feel like I'm not longer looking down a long tunnel of injury, but rather, heading towards the exit of it.  One step at a time.  The waiting isn't quite over, but it's getting close, and with it, the possibilities are starting to seem real.

I will run again.  I will recover from this, and it will only make me stronger.


  1. As an athlete and as an RN, I am a strong believer in physio and that it is never too early to start physio as long as your PT is awesome and as long as you are also aware of your limitations. When I injured my knee last year, physio helped me set goals and it also helped me to visually see the improvement in my injury

  2. That's right, you will. Just stay positive and stay focused on that end goal. You're going to run again it's going to be awesome!