Sunday, May 5, 2013

When optimism is denial and google fails

In my last post, I mentioned the fact that I was "sort of" injured.  Something going on with my foot, but I figured it just needed some time to heal.  Then I had an appointment with my doctor, who sent me here:

To get a  bone scan, you get injected with radioactive particles.  Sadly, it didn't change me into a super hero, or do anything more interesting then allow the machine to take pictures of your bones.

More specifically, in my case, pictures of my feet.  (There was also one of my knees, as they check those as well, when there's a foot problem.)  Even more specifically, pictures of my feet that showed a very disturbing dark spot in the middle of my sore foot...

A dark spot that landed me in one of these:

That folks, is an aircast.  The aircast is because I have a stress fracture in my foot.  A stress fracture that I raced a half marathon on, because, although I knew I was injured, I was sure it wasn't a stress fracture.

Google is not a substitute for medical advice.

How did I fail myself so completely?

I was so sure it was from lacing my shoes too tightly that I ignored the fact that it was not getting better.

I read (somewhere on google) that a stress fracture does not feel better the longer you run on it.  On the other had, a soft tissue injury often will feel better.  It only took 10-15 minutes of running for me to stop noticing my foot.  That means, in my half marathon, that it either stopped hurting, or I was able to shut out the pain for a good 2 hours.  This is one of the things that convinced me it wasn't a stress fracture.

I read (somewhere on google) that a stress fracture will cause blinding pain when you press on the spot of it.  It hurt, but I certainly wouldn't describe it as blinding.  I've had massages that hurt more.

If I'm honest with myself, I knew there was something wrong.  I didn't want to get medical advice prior to my race because I was sure they'd tell me not to run it.  The only thing I was willing to call it for was a stress fracture, and I was so sure that's not what it was.

It scares me a little bit that I was completely able to shut out my body telling me that something was really wrong.  I take pride in my ability to shut out negative thoughts and the hurt that comes from working hard.  This is not something I should have shut out.  Yet I did.

This isn't a niggle, and it also isn't "sort of" injured.

Right now, I'm not really sure what the next step is.  When the doctor's receptionist called to tell me to go get the aircast, she also said I can't do anything without it on, which rules out even swimming, or water running.  Now, to be clear, this was coming from the receptionist, and in response to my questions about activity.  I'm hoping my doctor will give me better answers, as my research indicates that I should be able to do non weight bearing activities.

Of course, I'm basing that on information found on google, which has failed me before.  So, it's time to have chat with my doctor.  Damn weekend.


  1. Well, THAT sucks. Myself, I'd say if you could run a half marathon with a stress fracture, and without the air cast, you ought to be good for some swimming (easy on the flip turn push off) and water running.

    From what I've heard, there seems to be two kinds of stress fractures. One, where something goes POP and there is no doubt you've hurt yourself badly. Two are cases like yours, where you wonder. Which is why, much as I hate doing it, I see a medical pro if something isn't right for longer than usual. It also implies you keep track of how your body feels, and what is normal.

    Hope you heal up quick!

  2. That really sucks and I hope you feel better soon. My daughter just had a similar deal without the cast but wasn't allowed to run for over a month. She is just starting back up now and is limited in what she can do.

  3. Oh no Deb, I'm so sorry! I hope you are able to heal up quickly. I had a stress fracture in my ankle several years ago and I didn't seem to have a lot of the symptoms either. Unfortunately an MRI set me straight. :(

  4. argh!!! oh that seriously bites the big one. well, you are definitely an optimist...every time I have a tiny niggle in my foot i'm convinced it's a stress fracture.

    hope you heal up quick and are back at it soon.

  5. Oh no, sorry to hear this Deb! Hope it gets better soon

  6. Get well soon! That sucks! Google is definitely not a super reliable source of medical advice, but I know what you mean about wanting to put off heading to the dr.

  7. So sorry that sucks!! I would def follow back up with the Dr as I would think you could swim at a minimum.