Monday, March 21, 2011

Going outside your comfort zone

So, I've decided that I need to learn how to maintain my own bike. At least for the basic stuff. I've got a year of free service, and then I'd like to learn some of the less basic stuff as well.

Lots of bike shops in Calgary run classes, but they're basically only over the winter and won't be offered again until the fall - when their mechanics are less busy. The university however, does offer a class that still runs this time of year.

My hold back? I'm convinced I'll be the only person in the class that is: A - female and B - over the age of 22. Chances are also good that it will be taught by somebody approximately half my age. Maybe I'll be really lucky and it will be a former student of mine... (I run into those on a semi-regular basis. The last time it was a pharmacist that was filling my son's prescription. Weird...)

Ridiculous really.

There is no good reason to avoid taking the class for any of these reasons. I just think I might be somewhat uncomfortable. Then again, I've always been happy to learn something from somebody able to teach it.

And sure, I could also learn this stuff from a book, but if I'm going to start tinkering around with my very expensive and pretty road bike, I'd like somebody there to reassure me that I'm not breaking it.

I guess that means I'm signing up for the class.

When is the last time you went outside your comfort zone?


  1. Definitely sign up. Good for you stepping out of your comfort zone.

  2. I should really sign up for this course too. I hate not knowing anything about my bike!

    Were you a teacher before??

    I stepped out of my comfort zone this morning when I got out of bed! Haha!

  3. I need need need to take one of these classes...even just a basic one.

    I've been pushing myself this year to step outside of comfort zone more.

  4. Do it! If I was there I'd go with you!